February 1, 1999 Vol. III, No. 9

CSU System and Northridge Campus Post Fund-Raising Gains

Voluntary Donations to Campus Hit Record $8.6 Million Mark, Nearing Cal State Goal

Cal State Northridge and the broader Cal State system posted strong fund-raising results with double-digit percentage increases during the 1997-98 year, with CSUN moving closer to its CSU system target for donations, according to a newly released report.

Voluntary support donations to CSUN-those from alumni, parents, friends, foundations, corporations and other groups-increased 17 percent during the year to $8,641,633, a campus record. Corporations accounted for the largest share of that money, 59 percent or $5.1 million.

By raising those funds and other sources, CSUN also moved closer to meeting a CSU goal that each campus generate in funding at least 10 percent of its net general fund budget for the prior year. Using the CSU's formula, CSUN's share hit 9.7 percent, up from 8.5 percent the year before.

In a separate category, the university's special revenue funds-those from sponsorships, bequests and trusts, contracts, grants and endowment income-grew by nearly 19 percent for the year to $11,815,158. Grants were the largest share of that, 66 percent or $7.8 million.

Combining the voluntary support and special revenue categories, CSUN's total external support for the year increased nearly 18 percent to $20,456,791. That was a gain of more than $3 million over the prior year's figure of $17,342,809.

Those results and others for 1997-98 were presented to the Cal State Board of Trustees last week in the system's annual report of voluntary support and special revenues. That tally by the CSU Division of University Advancement includes system totals and individual campus breakdowns.

During his presentation to the trustees, CSU Vice Chancellor for University Advancement Douglas Patiņo cited CSUN as an example of campuses receiving significant faculty support. He cited the nearly $1 million charitable remainder trust given anonymously by a retiring faculty member.

"Raising money is probably one of the hardest things you're going to do in life," said trustee Martha Fallgatter, commending the entire university system for its fund-raising performance for the year. "What you have done here is absolutely incredible."

At the system level, total voluntary support to the 22 CSU campuses, plus the CSU Foundation and CSU Institute, increased 37 percent during 1997-98 to $237.4 million, a gain of $64 million. The largest share of those funds, 41 percent, came from corporations.

Total special revenue funds in the CSU system grew by 1 percent to $410,477,690. Combining voluntary support and special revenues, the system raised a record $647.9 million for the year, up nearly 12 percent from the prior year, according to the CSU report.

In terms of rankings, CSUN continued to place in the middle of the pack among 22 CSU campuses for its amounts of voluntary support and total external funding. Fourteen campuses achieved the CSU's 10 percent fund-raising goal for the year, with CSUN among three campuses close in the 9 percent range.

-John Chandler

Cal State University Voluntary Giving
Dominguez Hills1,959,6592,520,4813,000,0793,513,5023,514,8172,839,329
Long Beach16,212,89417,946,11321,159,84122,806,89725,923,74136,006,863
Los Angeles4,736,1261,235,6762,731,4813,688,73813,331,69918,548,179
Maritime Academy*N/AN/A12,665,6274,522,2313,673,1601,338,640
Monterey Bay*N/AN/AN/A345,110460,897828,339
San Bernardino2,109,2161,039,9022,750,3483,623,5203,564,5333,854,525
San Diego15,564,72716,008,52017,340,44128,548,61623,173,70529,749,072
San Francisco2,594,8508,675,6349,141,8463,378,0185,147,4739,685,301
San Jose8,183,7418,518,5907,060,5807,590,70211,899,47817,942,065
San Luis Obispo10,970,70038,951,36611,478,70412,140,23914,737,07421,324,372
San Marcos605,646694,324930,0311,096,0863,086,2644,474,649
CSU Foundation366,498288,450235,640315,560556,642168,037
CSU Institute**N/AN/AN/A623,00050,000850,000
*California Maritime Academy and Monterey Bay joined the CSU system in 1995.
**CSU Institute was established in 1995.
Source: CSU Division of University Advancement


February 1, 1999

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