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Lawrence Sneden (Sociology) published a book, "Militia Man," (Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall/Hunt, 1997).

Seymour Eiseman (Health Science emeritus) co-authored a book, "Decisions: A Call to Action" (Baywood Publishing Co., 1997).

Ben Yu (Economics) published two books, "Institutional Development of the Insurance Industry" (Hong Kong: City University Press, 1997) and "The Future of the Insurance Industry" (Hong Kong: The Commercial Press Ltd., 1997).

Kenyon Chan (Asian American Studies) co-authored "Asian Pacific Americans: Demographic and Educational Trends," a Special Focus section of "Minorities in Higher Education" (15th annual status report). The section consists of an overview of the group, demographic and educational trends and conclusions, and recommendations for colleges and universities.

Robert Krol (Economics) published "A Survey of the Impact of Budget Rules on State Taxation, Spending, and Debt" in the Cato Journal (Winter 1997, vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 295-307). It reviewed evidence showing that taxation and spending limits, line vetoes and balanced budget rules all have the desired effect: reducing state spending, taxes and debt.

Sandra Jewett (Chemistry) with two former students, Sue Eggling (MS) and Louis Geller (BA), published a paper, "Novel Method to Examine the Formation of Unstable 2:1 and 3:1 Complexes of Catecholamines and Iron (III)" in the "Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry" (66: 166-173 (1997).

Steven Oppenheimer (Biology) published the 1997 volume of "The Journal of Student Research Abstracts" (Burgess International Publisher), summarizing pre-college student research projects in science. The latest volume includes 604 student research projects authored by 869 students in this country and throughout the world.

Oppenheimer also co-authored two poster papers with his students. "Confocal Microscopy of Sea Urchin Lectin Receptors" and "Charge Interactions in Sea Urchin Fertilization," presented at the 13th International Congress of Developmental Biology and the Society for Developmental Biology in Snowbird, Utah, in July. Oppenheimer also co-authored a paper, "Effects of pH and Ion Concentration in Cell Adhesion Modeling," presented by a student co-author at the Southern California Academy of Science, Junior Academy, in May in Fullerton.

Tyler Blake (Psychology) co-authored "Automated Management and Delivery of Distance Courseware" in WebNet, October 1996. It evaluated a system for integrating interactive CD-ROM, digital video and the Internet to deliver distance education. The project produced a model for evolving technical system development based on educational requirements and pedagog- ical criteria, not hardware or software characteristics.

Steven Loy (Kinesiology) and four students completed a research project, "Ready...Set...Glide," which evaluated the effectiveness of two kinds of gliders, a new type of exercise equipment. The results, published in Consumer Matters (v. 3, no. 3, pp. 1-2, May/June 1997), showed that both models were better suited for improving muscular endurance, not strength; that they would expend at least 150 calories in less than 30 minutes, and that gliders will probably not increase the aerobic capacity of regular exercisers.

Narayan Champawat (Philosophy emeritus) contributed three articles to "Great Literature of the Eastern World," a guide to noteworthy Asian literature. They dealt with Dhammapada, an anthology of the sayings of the Buddha; the Puranas, a class of books detailing the myths of traditional wisdom of Hinduism, and the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore.

He also contributed an article, "Self-Realization Ethics: Vendanta and Aristotle," to an anthology, "East-West Encounters in Philosophy and Religion," which argues that the ethics of both men are culturally variant versions of a single ethic system.

He also contributed an article, "Radhakrishnan and the Doctrine of Karma," to an anthology, "New Essays in the Philosophy of Savepalli Radbakrishnan," which explains the Indian doctrines of karma and reincarnation.


Jean Daniels (Sociology) presented "The New Student 'Mix' in the Sociology of Aging Class at California State University, Northridge" at the Assn. for Gerontology in Higher Education annual meeting in Boston in February. The paper discussed the kind of pedagogy that met the needs of this new student population.

She also presented "Poverty in California: Implications of Welfare Reform" at the Pacific Sociological Assn. annual meeting in San Diego in April. The paper discussed historical trends in California poverty starting with the Great Depression and identified the impact of the current welfare reform legislation on poor families.

Ben Yaspelkis III (Kinesiology) presented a paper, "Effect of Chronic Electrical Stimulation and B-GPA Diet on Muscle GLUT4 Protein Concentration" at the American College of Sports Medicine in Denver in May.

Adam Gifford (Economics) presented "Subjectivity, Bounded Rationality, and Rule Following Behavior" at the Public Choice Society meetings in San Francisco in March.

Elzbieta Trybus (Management Science) and Ginter Trybus (Computer Science) presented a paper, "Computer Technology in the Business Curriculum" at the International Conference on University Education Focused on Economics Management and Entrepreneurship in Brno, Czech Republic.

Paul Baum and Elzbieta Trybus (both Management Science) presented a paper, "Total Quality Management Program (TQM) at the University Service Unit" at the International Academy of Business Administration Conference in Athens, Greece. At the same conference, Paul Baum was a discussant of a paper "ISO Standards: A Pilot Study," and Elzbieta Trybus and Arundhati Kumar (Management Science) presented "ISO 9000: A Pilot Study," based on a survey of Southern California organizations. The paper was printed in "International Business Practices: Contemporary Readings" (Academy of Business Administration, 1997). Baum and Trybus published "Implementing a TQM Program in a University Service Department" in the same volume.

Sembiam Rengarajan (Electrical and Computer Engineering) presented an invited paper, "Application of Genetic Algorithms in the Design and Optimization of Array Patterns," at the IEEE International Antennas and Propagation Symposium/URSI/North American Radio Science Meeting in Montreal in July.

He also co-authored presentations on "A Waveguide Transverse Broad Wall Slot Radiating Between Baffles," "Design of a Feed-Reflector Configuration to Optimize Performance in the Presence of a Large Central Blockage," "A Rigorous Analysis of Wide Slots" and "Synthesis of Antenna Patterns of Circular Arc Arrays." He also chaired a session on "Reflector Antennas" at the same symposium.

Shannon Paulsen (Biology student) presented a poster, "Melatonin: Effects on the Murine Immune System," at the West Coast Biological Sciences Undergraduate Research Conference at Loyola Marymount University in May.


Juana Mora (Humanities) was named an ACE Fellow for 1997-98 by the American Council on Education. She will spend the year working with the chancellor of the Los Angeles Community College District. The program prepares promising faculty and staff members for leadership positions.

Matthew Harris, George Heussenstamm and David Whitwell (Music) received awards from ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) for their catalogs of original compositions.

Adele Gottfried (Secondary Education) received a Mensa award for excellence in research for her paper, "A Longitudinal Study of Academic Intrinsic Motivation in Intellectually Gifted Children: Childhood through Early Adolescence," published in Gifted Child Quarterly (1996, v. 40, no. 4, pp. 179-183). This was an international competition.

The National Center on Deafness received second place in the 1997 AHEAD Public Relations Contest in the category Total Program/Campaign.

John Chandler, John Kroll and Randal Scot Thomson (Public Relations) won awards from the Public Communicators of Los Angeles for their work on and NORTHRIDGE.

Karen Roldan, Jaden Chun, Janic Krohn, Vu A. Huynh and Mark Golden (all Radiological Technology/Health Science students) won awards at the California Society of Radiologic Technologists Conference in Palm Springs in May. The first four won awards in the scientific essay competition; Golden won the scientific display competition.


Judith Marti (Anthropology) has been named secretary/ treasurer for the Society for Economic Anthropology. She chaired a plenary session at the society's annual meeting in April in Mexico.

Bob Hiegert (Kinesiology) was appointed commissioner of the California Collegiate Athletic Assn.

Steven Oppenheimer (Biology) was selected to serve on the National Institutes of Health, National Center for Research Resources, Grant Review Panel, Special Emphasis PAR-96-039 program.

James Macklin (Accounting) was elected treasurer of the California Society of Certified Public Accountants.

September 8, 1997

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