Oct. 6, 1997 Vol. II, No. 4

Northridge in the News

Laurence Caretto (Engineering and Computer Science) was welcomed Aug. 23 by the Los Angeles Times, which ran a Valley Focus story on his return to CSUN as its new dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science. "He brings a rich background in both academia and private industry to the demanding position," said Louanne Kennedy (Academic Affairs).

The Los Angeles Times also welcomed Edward Carroll Jr. (Science and Mathematics) as the new dean of the College of Science and Mathematics with a story on its Valley Focus page Aug. 25. "He has tremendous energy and he will be a great asset to the college and the university," said Louanne Kennedy (Academic Affairs).

Hispanic Outlook magazine noted in its Aug. 22 edition that CSUN recognized more than 1,000 graduating seniors and master's degree recipients for outstanding academic achievement during the university's 15th annual Honors Convocation. Matador Bookstore on the first day of classes and the return of four buildings that were damaged by the Northridge earthquake. Several students were quoted in a story that said the campus seems to have found is pre-quake spirit.

The Daily News also made note of the start of the fall semester with an Aug. 26 story on page 3 that quoted several students who were happy to be returning to classrooms after spending years in post-quake trailers. "It was so confusing because there were so many different trailers," said student Antonio Quezada (Liberal Studies). "But now it's different. When you walk into a building, there are restored offices where you can ask questions. You have more help now."

Both KCBS Channel 2 and KTLA Channel 5 also celebrated the start of classes and the return of four buildings by doing segments on the university's recovery during their evening broadcasts on Aug. 25. Student Bianca Hicks and professor Dee Shepherd-Look (Psychology) were featured in the KTLA broadcast.

The Ventura County Star did a lengthy article on Adele Scheele's (Career Center) new book "The 'Good' Student Trap," in its Aug. 26 edition. "If you do the work and pass the test, your teachers will automatically grade you, pass you and promote you," Scheele told the paper. "So what you learn is a kind of system dependence; if you do your part, the system will take care of you. That is the good student trap."

The Daily News welcomed Wayne State University's decision not to hire CSUN President Blenda J. Wilson as its president in an Aug. 27 editorial. The newspaper said, "Wilson provided CSUN with inspiring leadership during its most trying times, and we know she can do the same in the future."

President Wilson and several students were featured in the Los Angeles Times and the Daily News on Aug. 28 as the campus celebrated the start of classes with the annual "President's Welcome Picnic." Several students also were celebrating Wilson's remaining at CSUN. "It's a blessing. I'm so glad she's back," said Dana Holden, a junior. "She's the only president this school has had who brings a real go-get-'em attitude."

KCAL Channel 9 on Aug. 28 asked Julian Nava (History) to comment on a Mexican drug cartel's death threat on the life of U.S. drug czar Gen. Barry McCaffrey. "The United States has been more energetic now in fighting the drug traffic," Nava said. "As so I think we have a feeling of desperation among these people and I think they are simply trying to frighten the United States into cooling down its anti-drug effort."

Jerry Shaw (Psychology) was featured in the August issue of Allure magazine for a study he conducted with a professor from Claremont Graduate School on whether personality counts more than looks. Their initial conclusion was that personality won out. But they admitted that while people may do the right thing in a test situation, good looks may count for more in real life.

Robert Bassler (Art) was profiled in the Daily News' L.A. Life Weekend section Aug. 29. The newspaper did a story on his exhibit, which combined science with art, in the university's Art Gallery. "It's all beginning to come together," he said. "I'm just finally beginning to realize what I'm composed of."

Bobb Lynes and Barbara "Sunday" Watkins, hosts of KCSN's Sunday program "Don't Touch That Dial," were featured on the Los Angeles Times Valley Focus page Aug. 30. KCSN General Manager Rene Engel said old-time radio shows, featured on the station's Sunday show, "seem to be experiencing a renaissance..."

The Los Angeles Times Valley Edition ran an editorial Aug. 31 on President Blenda J. Wilson's unsuccessful bid to become president at Wayne State University, saying her "new lease on the future promised to energize CSUN...To be sure, Wilson would have faced exciting intellectual and managerial challenges at the helm of Wayne State. But she has equally exciting work waiting at CSUN."

Barbara Bliss Osborn (Journalism) wrote an opinion piece for the Daily News on Aug. 31 on the "educational and informational" programming for children under 16 scheduled to begin on network television. "Although there are programs on the Saturday morning TV schedule that suggest innovative educational programming, other 'educational and informational' programs might raise a parent's eyebrow," she wrote. "Is CBS' new Saturday morning show 'Wheel of Fortune 2000' or NBC's 'NBA's Inside Sports' really 'educational and informational'?"


October 6, 1997

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