Oct. 20, 1997 Vol. II, No. 5

Research and Sponsored Projects

Principal Investigator Department Project Source Award ($)
Nicholas Kioussis Physics & Astronomy "Electronic Structure and Molecular Dynamic Calculations of Grain Boundaries" North Atlantic Treaty Organization 9,218
Jaime Bae KimComputer Science"Traffic Management in Wireless ATM Networks"National Science Foundation81,348
Paul Wilson Biology "Floral Function and Phylogeny in Penstemon: Tests of Pollen Presentation Theory" National Science Foundation 71,613
Fred Strache Student Affairs/ Student Health Center "Transition Resources and Career Services for Students with Disabilities" U.S. Dept. of Education 138,576
Fred Strache Student Affairs/ Student Health Center "Important Linkages-The Relationship of Alcohol and Other Drugs to Violence-A Campus/Community Partnership" U.S. Dept. of Education 250,455
Ben Yaspelkis III Kinesiology "The Effect of Chronic Leptin Administration on Skeletal Muscle Insulin Sensitivity and Responsiveness" Amgen Inc.43,562
Herbert Larson National Center on Deafness "Western Region Outreach Center and Consortia" U.S. Dept. of Education 1,000,000
Roger Di Julio Civil & Manufacturing Engr. "MESA Schools Program Center" UC Berkeley 104,631
Warren Furumoto Science and Mathematics "AVID Service Learning Tutorial Program" Learn and Serve America 140,000
Dianne Philibosian Health and Human Dev. "Child Care Planning Activities for the Child Development Programs Advisory Committee" Child Development Programs Advisory Committee 34,992
Nancy Burstein Special Education "Special Educators for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners with Disabilities" U.S. Dept. of Education 149,435
Charles Hanson Educational Psychology and Counseling "KYDS Collaborative Project with the Community Counseling and Resource Institute, and the Valley Trauma Center" KYDS Foundation 14,700
Joseph Hajdu/ Barney Bales Chemistry/ Physics & Astronomy "Minority Biomedical Research Support" National Institutes of Health 179,331


October 20, 1997

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