Oct. 20, 1997 Vol. II, No. 5

Northridge in the News

CSUN's oldest freshman this year, Angelo Guastella (Theatre), was featured in a Daily News article Sept. 1. "You get busy raising a family and making a living," said Guastella, 62. "I didn't have time to go to school. Now I have the time."

Gloria Ricci Lothrop (History) was quoted in a Los Angeles Times front page story Sept. 1 on El Camino Real, the road linking 21 California missions, and California's mission history. Lothrop said Spanish proclivity "was the beginning of the mestizo culture. Today, go down Broadway in Los Angeles to the Central Market and you'll see those wonderful faces that are the result of this policy."

James Allen (Geography), Herman De Bose (Sociology), Rodolfo Acuña (Chicano Studies) and alum Irene Tovar were each quoted in a lengthy feature in the Sept. 2 Daily News on the history of the San Fernando Valley's race relations. Allen said the explosion of new ethnic groups in the Valley may be one reason people have become less willing to come together. But De Bose said a threshold has been reached. "There's only so much space and, as groups come to Southern California, I think we as a community, as a society, are going to be forced to live in diverse communities because we aren't going to have a choice," De Bose said.

KCAL Channel 9 asked Maureen Rubin (Journalism) for her opinion on the death of Princess Diana for its Sept. 2 evening broadcast and on calls for curtailing press activities. "The First Amendment is a special thing," Rubin said. "We should be looking at the necessity of using it with responsibility:Š There is nobody in the world who doesn't deserve a break from this incessant horde."

Robert Carpenter (Biology) was featured in a Los Angeles Times Valley Focus article on Sept. 3 on his receiving a Fulbright grant to conduct research on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. "This is a great opportunity to go someplace different, learn new things and to come back to the classroom recharged and revitalized," he said.

Shirley Svornyand Dan Blake (Economics) were quoted in a Los Angeles Times front page Valley edition story Sept. 4 on the San Fernando Valley's future. "There are huge disparate scenarios for the Valley," Svorny said. "I can see the Valley deterioratingŠor it all comes together." Blake said if current trends hold, "things look pretty good for the Valley."

Student Kevin Smith Jr. was featured in a Daily News front page article on Sept. 4. Smith survived a severe auto accident caused by a wrong-way driver that killed his passenger. Smith said he felt nothing but anger toward the man who caused the crash. "He should give his life for his negligence," Smith said.

Tom Piernik (Student Development) was quoted in a Los Angeles Times Weekend article Sept. 4 on when is the best time to start academic preparation for college. Piernik stressed the importance of starting college-appropriate courses early in high school. "In order to have Algebra II on your record, you have to have first enrolled in and done well in Algebra I," he said.

The university received a mention in the Los Angeles Times Magazine on Sept. 7 in a short blurb on Lisa Forman, a Los Angeles-based conservator who specializes in paper objects. She is currently working on newspapers printed by Japanese Americans interned by the U.S. government during World War II. The collection is housed at CSUN.

Mark Raab (Anthropology) was asked by the Los Angeles Times Valley Perspective page Sept. 7 to discuss the historical place of Mission San Fernando and what role it should serve in the future. "The Mission San Fernando represents an entire historical period that shapes what we are now-our land divisions, our cultural traditions," he said. "It will always be an important part of the Valley's history, and it is a spiritual center to people of the Roman Catholic faith."

Ann Stutts (Health and Human Development), President Blenda J. Wilson and Art Elbert (Administration and Finance) were quoted in a Los Angeles Times Valley Focus article Sept. 11 on the ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the reopening of the Kinesiology Building. "I just wanted to be back and be better later," Stutts said about her feelings following the Northridge Earthquake. "But this building looks better today than it did at its original opening" in 1962. The ribbon cutting also caught the attention of the Daily News, KABC Channel 7 and radio stations KFI and KFWB.

The Los Angeles Times Weekend section ran a lengthy feature Sept. 11 on Robert Bassler's (Art) exhibit in the Art Dome. "The CSUN showŠis one of those retrospectives in which the sheer variety of media and ideas suggests the work of multiple artists, or at least multiple personalities," reporter Josef Woodard wrote.

Janet Sherman (Softball) was described as having been grinning ear-to-ear in a Los Angeles Times story Sept. 12 on the City Hall unveiling by Los Angeles parks commission president Steven Soboroff of a model for a new CSUN softball stadium. "This takes any other stadium I've ever seen to another level," Sherman said. The Daily News also covered the event.

Several faculty and alumni were quoted in a Sept. 15 Daily News story on Latino Heritage Month that focused on achievements made in the San Fernando Valley. Among those quoted were Louis Garcia, one of the university's first Latino students, alum Irene Tovar and professors Everto Ruiz (Chicano Studies), Henry Lopez (Political Science) and Jose Hernandez (Chicano Studies).

Lewis Yablonsky (Sociology)was quoted in a Newsday column by Marilyn Goldstein on Sept. 15 on the economics of parent-adult child relationships. Goldstein said she called Yablonsky to get a professional answer on the question of whether parents should expect to share restaurant bills with grown kids? She said she got an emotional one instead. Yablonsky said, "I have a feeling I should provide meals for him in some way and I don't, except in restaurants," explaining why he took his son out for dinner several times a week. "I suspect what I do with my son is keep him on a bit of a positive leash; he sticks with me."

Crystal Gips (Education) wrote a story for the September/October edition of Better Viewing magazine on "how to make school time and TV time work together to help your children learn." "Setting out to make television a major source of learning in the home requires that parents take an active role in their children's education," she wrote.

Barbara Polland (Child Development) was heavily quoted in a story on how to keep children safe without holding them back in the Sept. 16 issue of Women's Day magazine. "Children will never learn if all you say is 'No, you can't' or 'That's too dangerous," she said. "Kids who learn to be capable are more self-assured and less likely to have serious accidents or problems."

Harold Mayerson of the Los Angeles Weekly wrote a glowing review of James Allen and Eugene Turner's (Geography) book "The Ethnic Quilt" in the paper's Sept. 18 issue. Mayerson said the pair have "produced an authoritative and compelling account of the real Los Angeles-who lives where and in what kind of housing, who works where and for how much, who's getting richer and who's getting poorer, who's moved out, who's moved in, who intermarries, and who doesn't know that these other people are even out there."

Allyn Axelton (United Campus Ministry) was featured in a Daily News story Sept. 20 on a religious diversity fair CSUN was hosting in late September. "Our main goal is to have the participants learn more about religious diversity and have more of an appreciation of the diverse groups that are present in the Valley," he said.

The Valley Edition of the Los Angeles Times Calendar Weekend section on Sept. 25 featured a quick profile of July Nelson (Music), who conducts free, hour-long children's music programs called Kindermusik throughout the Valley to "foster a love of music throughout life."

Johnie Scott (Pan-African Studies) wrote a lively commentary on the evolution of African Americans in Hollywood for the Aug./Sept./Oct. issue of Turning Point magazine. "Will Rogers once said, 'All I know is what I read in the newspapers,' " Scott said. "As we look back on nearly 100 years of black images on the silver screen, that statement might be more accurately rephrased to include 'Šand what I see at the movies and on TV.' "

Gary Chapman Physics and Astronomy) was featured in the Sept. 27 issue of Science News in two articles on the possible increase of solar brightness. During a discussion on the uses of particular data in assessing the brightness, Chapman said if these artificial shifts in ERB, a satellite monitor, did indeed take place, "then there is little evidence for an increase in total solar irradiance. Only time and some measurements will be able to settle the issue."

Senior Frank Colon, Ludim Seja de Manzano (Outreach and Recruitment) and Louanne Kennedy (Academic Affairs) were the focus of a lengthy KCAL Channel 9 feature Sept. 28 on the future of higher education in light of the recent RAND report predicting disaster if the state did not increase its support for higher education. Seja de Manzano said, "The more conversations that take place now-in all different forms-then the more we can put pressure on the state to reassess how they are allocating their resources." Kennedy pointed out that if something is not done soon "the most educated, the most talented will leave California."

Melanie Havens (Business Law) wrote a Sept. 28 column for the Los Angeles Times on the University of California re-examining its admissions policies in the wake of Proposition 209. "Without even getting to the issue of affirmative action, it seems that Boalt has unnecessarily handicapped students from diverse backgrounds," she wrote. "If the University of California wants a system of admitting students purely on merit, then let them institute one. They sure haven't yet."

Team CSUN was heavily featured in a Los Angeles Times article Sept. 29 on the AIDS Walk. Among those quoted were President Blenda J. Wilson, Amy Reichbach (Health Education), and students Laura Delgado and Marcela Moreno. "I feel emotional because I'm doing it for a worthy cause," Delgado said.

Maryellen Clemons (Theatre) was featured in a Los Angeles Times Weekend Calendar piece Oct. 2 on theater in the San Fernando Valley. Clemons is a veteran actress and star of the new campus production of "Quilters." Clemons said taking part in the play has been fun for her and educational for the students involved. "I think they've learned by watching," she said. "We all get along very, very well-and when you put 11 women in one room, that's quite an accomplishment."

William Hosek (Business Administration and Economics) and Philip Handler (Arts, Media, and Communication) were quoted in the October issue of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal in a story about the university's new Entertainment Industry Institute. "From an academic perspective, there are some unique aspects of the industry that don't exist in other industries," Hosek said. Handler said the development of the program is unusual in that it combines the three disciplines of arts, business and computer science. "In academic life, it's very easy to get locked into your own discipline," Handler said.

President Blenda J. Wilson and David Horne and Joseph Holloway (both of Pan-African Studies) were quoted in a lengthy Oct. 4 article in the Los Angeles Times on the opening of the university's new Boniface I. Obichere Library. "The real voyage of discovery consists not in teaching new matters, but in having new eyes," Wilson said. "Through the generosity of the Obichere family, we will be able to share his eyes and some of his voyage."

Elizabeth Say (Women's Studies and Religious Studies) was featured in a CNN World News segment Oct. 4 that examined the recent gathering of the Promise Keepers in Washington D.C. Say said historically there have been religious male gatherings in response to what has been seen as the feminization of religion. "The Promise Keepers encourage men to step out and take control and take the lead," she said, "and muscular Christianity did the same thing. It makes you go out and become a real man and take charge."

James Allen (Geography) wrote an opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times Valley Perspective page Oct. 12 on the concentration of ethnic groups into certain occupations and industries. "All this means that describing our regional economy simply in terms of the size, locations and types of its occupations and industries misses all the intricate social patterns that underlie the aggregate statistics," he wrote. "It also suggests that a goal of minority representation in each of the many occupations and industries at anything like the average rate is unrealistic."

Philip Handler (Arts, Media, and Communication) wrote a letter to the editor that appeared Oct. 12 in the Los Angeles Times on the use of the university's Performing Arts Center as a learning opportunity for students. "In the first year of the new center, more than 220 events served 65,000 audience members, of which 12,000 were CSUN students. We also have three other theaters and a wonderful new recital hall," he wrote. "Students perform in and staff all of these theaters, in which we present an enormous range of concerts, plays, operas and student films, as well as exhibitions in the art gallery."


October 20, 1997

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