Oct. 20, 1997 Vol. II, No. 5



Sembiam Rengarajan (Electrical & Computer Engineering) published a research paper, "Mutual Coupling Between Waveguide-Fed Transverse Broad Wall Slots Radiating Between Baffles," in "Electromagnetics" (Sept./Oct. 1997, vol. 17, no. 5, pp. 421-435).

Curt Dommeyer (Marketing) had a refereed paper, "Class Size in an Introductory Marketing Course: Student Attitudes, Evaluations, and Performance," published in "Marketing Education Review" (Spring 1997, vol. 7, no. 1, pgs. 13-25). The results of this study largely support the use of large classrooms for teaching introductory marketing.

Nayereh Tohidi (Women's Studies) authored "Modernity, Islamization and Women" in "Women in Action" (vol. 1, 1997).

Bill Watkins and Ann Watkins (both Mathematics) are two of the six editors of "Resources for Teaching Linear Algebra" (Mathematical Assn. of America). Ann Watkins also authored "Teacher's Guide to the Advanced Placement Course in Statistics" (Educational Testing Services, August 1997).

Richard Squires (Geological Sciences) authored "Taxonomy and Distribution of the Buccinid Gastropod Brachysphingus from the Uppermost Cretaceous and Lower Cenozoic Marine Strata of the Pacific Slope of North America" in the "Journal of Paleontology" (vol. 71, pp. 847-861). He also co-authored "Late Cretaceous Occurrences on the Pacific Slope of North America of the Melanopsid Gastropod Genus Boggsia Olsson, 1929" in "The Veliger" (vol. 40, pp. 193-202).


Ann Watkins (Mathematics) was appointed by the College Board as chair of the committee responsible for the Advanced Placement Statistics syllabus and examination. The demanding examination was given for the first time last May to 7,600 high school students.


Richard Gunther (Management Science) presented a paper, "Trends in Manufacturing," at a meeting of the Ventura Chapter of the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS), on Sept. 9. The paper presented evidence that U.S. manufacturing is no longer in decline and may indeed be on the comeback.

The Pan-African Studies Department has updated information on a presentation that was listed in the Oct. 6 issue. Several faculty members from the department participated in the 82nd annual convention of the Assn. of Study of Afro-American Life and History on Oct. 1-5 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles. The organization is the world's oldest and largest black historical scholarly organization. CSUN participants included: Rosentene Purnell, "Ebonics and the University Classroom: Pedagogical Implications and Challenges;" David Horne, "Standing at the Crossroads: Ebonics, Ethics and the Educationally Disadvantaged;" Johnie Scott, "The Emperor's New Clothes: Black English, Black Schoolkids and Institutional Racism After the 'We Shall Overcome' Era" and "From Mammies to O-Dogs: The African American Presence in American Cinema;" James Bracy, "Prop. 209 and the Black Collegian: Reassessing the Commitment to Affirmative Action," James Dennis, "Prop. 209 and the U.S. Supreme Court: A New Legal Frontier in Education." Nate Thomas (Radio-TV-Film) also participated, presenting "Challenges Facing Black Filmmakers."


October 20, 1997

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