Jan. 26, 1998 Vol. II, No. 9


Elaine Blyler (Family Environmental Sciences) was one of six authors who published a research paper, "Vitamin D, calcium, and bone status in children with developmental delay in relation to anticonvulsant use and ambulatory status," in Am J Clin Nutr (1997: 65:1042-51).

Harry Murphy (Center on Disabilities) authored "Observations on the CSUN Technology Conference" in Advancement of Assistive Technology, Assistive Technology Research Series (IOS Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1997).

John Schultheiss (Radio-TV-Film) had three recent publications: "Force of Evil: The Critical Edition" (1996); "You Are There Teleplays: The Critical Edition" (1997), The Center for Telecommunication Studies, CSUN, Sadanlaur Publications, Vol. I & II of the "Film as Literature Series"), and "A Season of Fear: The Blacklisted Teleplays of Abraham Polonsky" (Oct. 1996, Literature/Film Quarterly, Vol. 24, No.2, pp. 148-164).

Richard Smith (Psychology) had an invited review of the book, "Politics of Masculinities; Men in Movements" by Michael A. Messner (California 1997), printed in the journal CHOICE (Vol. 35, No.2, p.137, October 1997). The journal is published by the Assn. of College and Research Libraries.

Jerry Shaw and Paul Skolnick (both Psychology) published "The O.J. Simpson Criminal Trail Verdict: Racism or Status Shield?" in the "Journal of Social Issues" (Vol.199, No. 53 (3), pp. 505-518). A simulation study that investigated the factors that might have led the jury in the O.J. Simpson criminal trial to an acquittal verdict.

Steven Oppenheimer (Biology) co-authored with five of his students "Charge Interactions in Sperm-Egg Recognition" in the international journal Acta histochemica (1997, Vol. 99, pp.401-410). He co-authored "The Effects of Carcinogenic Methylocholanthrene on Carbohydrate Residues of NK Cells" in Toxicology and Industrial Health (1997, Vol. 13, No. 6, pp. 727-741). Oppenheimer published "How to Set Up a Laboratory Teaching Program That Results in Student Publication" in Teaching Excellence (1998, pp. 43-47). He co-authored with two of his students "Charge-charge bonding in sperm-egg interaction" and "Accessing embryo blastocoel without micro-injection" in Molecular Biology of the Cell (1997, Vol. 8, p. 108a and 111a), which was presented at the 37th national meeting of The American Society for Cell Biology, Washington D.C., Dec., 1997.

Gloria Ricci Lothrop (History) published "Shadow on the Land: The Impact of Fascism on Los Angeles Italians" in California History (Winter 1996/1997, Vol. XXV, No. 4, pp. 338-353).

Bruce Zucker (Business Law) published "Tenant Trouble: Extreme Hardship May Undo Court-Ordered Eviction" in the Los Angeles Daily Journal (Nov. 6, 1997, Vol. 110, No. 216).

John Schultheiss (Radio-TV-Film) provided the historical and critical commentary for the presentation of the "You Are There Teleplays Programme" (Oct. 7, 1997), a panel discussion in the "Red Hollywood: A Tribute to Abraham Polonsky" series at the 16th Annual Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada.

Sembiam Rengarajan (Electrical and Computer Engineering) presented a seminar, "Application of Integral Equation Moment Method Techniques in Slot Array Antennas," at the Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory of the U.S. Navy in San Diego on Oct. 17.

Ronald McIntyre (Philosophy) moderated a session on continental philosophy, and Li Schroeder (Philosophy and Kinesiology) served on a panel discussion on teaching Asian philosophy at the Southern California Philosophy Conference Oct. 25 at UC Irvine.

Vicki Pedone (Geological Sciences) presented a paper "Dolomititzed stromatolitic tufa from the Great Salt Lake" at the national meeting of the Geological Society of America, held in Salt Lake City in October.

Alan Harris (Speech Communication) presented his paper, "The Trickster in American Pop Culture II: A Semio-discursive Analysis of Batman and Robin, Two Face, and the Riddler in the Hollywood Schumacher/Burton 'Batman Forever' Film" at the annual conference of the Semiotic Society of America, Louisville, Ky., in October.

Fred Strache (Student Affairs) made a presentation on service learning programs and coursework at Cal State Northridge before the state Senate Select Committee on Higher Education on Nov. 5 at UCLA.

Gloria Ricci Lothrop (History) presented a paper "The Los Angeles Boom of the Eighties Reconsidered" at the annual meeting of the California Council for the Promotion of History on Oct. 24.

Presidential Scholars

The first class of Presidential Scholars at Cal State Northridge got an inside look at how California government functions during a Jan. 13 trip to Sacramento with CSUN President Blenda J. Wilson and other university officials.

Fifteen of the 16 academically gifted students, in their freshman year of an up to four-year CSUN scholarship program, participated in the event. It included a seminar by political science professor Matthew Cahn the day before followed by meetings with legislators and a CSU official.

The CSUN delegation met with Assembly members Robert Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys), Sheila Kuehl (D-Santa Monica), Tom McClintock (R-Northridge) and Tony Cardenas (D-Panorama City), as well as with state Sen. Cathie Wright (R-Simi Valley).


January 26, 1998

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