Looking for the latest information and news for faculty and staff at Cal State Northridge? Look no further - @csun.edu is the newest publication put out every two weeks by the Office of Public Relations and your source for all the happenings on and around campus.


1996-1997 Issues

May 12, 1997
April 28, 1997
April 14, 1997
March 31, 1997
March 10, 1997
February 24, 1997
February 10, 1997
January 27, 1997
January 13, 1997
Dec. 9, 1996
Nov. 25, 1996
Nov. 11, 1996
Oct. 28, 1996
Oct. 14, 1996
Sept. 30, 1996
Sept. 16, 1996
Sept. 3, 1996
August 19, 1996
May 21, 1996

Late and Breaking News

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About @csun.edu

@csun.edu is published biweekly during the academic year for the university community of California State University, Northridge. Copies are available without charge and on request. Direct inquiries, comments, and suggestions to:

Managing Editor
Office of Public Relations
18111 Nordhoff St.
Northridge, CA

Voice: (818) 677-2130
FAX: (818) 677-4937
e-mail: pubinfo@exec.csun.edu.

Editorial Team

John Chandler
Managing Editor

Carmen Ramos Chandler
Director of News and Information

Bruce Erickson
Director of Public Relations

John Kroll
Director of Editorial Projects

Design and Production

Randal Scot Thomson
Director of Publications

Web Design

Carmen Ramos Chandler
Director of News and Information

Naoko Satomi
Student Assistant

Editorial Advisory Group

John Broesamle, History
Kenyon Chan, Asian American Studies
Oscar deShields, Marketing
Louise Lewis, Art
Cynthia Rawitch, Journalism
Mary Williams, The Career Center
Maria Elena Zavala, Biology

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