Sept. 30, 1996 Vol. I, No. 4


Northridge in the News

Rodolfo Acuna(Chicano Studies) was highlighted in the L.A. Times, September 11. Acuna, who won $326,000 in an age discrimination lawsuit against the University of California, said he will appeal a federal judge's decision to cut about 80 percent of the fees and expenses sought by his lawyer. At a news conference, Acuna repeated his charge that U.S. District Judge Audrey B. Collins' decision to reduce the fees and expenses for his lawyer was part of her "anti-Mexican bias," which he said was evident during the three-week trial in her courtroom.
Athletes at CSUN will no longer have to meet higher academic standards than the general student body to retain their eligibility. The Athletic Department's across-the-board 2.0 grade point average requirement has been abolished. The new required GPA is 1.6 following the first semester for freshmen; 1.85 at the start at the sophomore year and 2.0 thereafter. "We have determined that it is unfair to place a standard on athletes that we don't hold on our other students," Ron Kopita (Vice President) told the L.A. Times, September 11.
At a 40th anniversary party for CSUN's pioneering faculty, those still surviving were honored with a celebration at the University Club. They discussed how the university rebounded after the 1994 earthquake, shared 40-year-old stories they all knew by heart and reminisced about building a university from scratch. William Schlosser (Theatre, retired) told the L.A. Times, September 9: "There was the feeling that this was our place. There was great camaraderie and everybody wanted to make a go of this thing."
In another celebration of CSUN's 40th year, several original faculty members and students reenacted the raising of the American flag on the first day of classes in 1956. The L.A. Times quoted Ben Rude, the college's first student body president, in an article, September 12. "At that time, we never had to hunt for a parking space," Rude joked. "We had hundreds of acres of parking."

Sept. 30, 1996