Sept. 16, 1996 Vol. I, No. 3


Northridge in the News

Joseph Schieffer (Education) was quoted in the Daily News on Sept. 2. The article focused on the Los Angeles Unified School District's newest 1,500 teachers, who were hired in a frenzied recruitment drive sparked by Gov. Pete Wilson's call for California schools to reduce class sizes. At CSUN, inquiries about the teacher credential program have tripled. "The phone starts about 7:30 a.m. until we close. We have had an unprecedented demand for information about getting into the credential programs," Schieffer said.

David Klein (Mathematics) wrote a letter to the L.A. Times that appeared Sept. 1 regarding state policies for teachers. "In no way do I blame hard-working teachers for the state policies that force otherwise good teachers to be bad teachers...The responsibility to replace the 'fuzzy math' curriculum by one with high standards and real content fall squarely in the lap of Supt. of Public Instruction Delaine Eastin and her education bureaucrats," Klein wrote.

Adele Scheele (Career Center) wrote a career growth tip list for executives who want to advance their careers in Bottom Line on Sept. 15. Tips included selling yourself by making others feel good about you, becoming indispensable, helping your managers and showing that you are ready for more responsibilities, among other things. "You can't afford to be fixed in your thinking or expect your responsibilities to remain the same," she said.

Scheele was also quoted in September's Marie Claire. The article focused on success secrets to promotions. If a boss gets transferred and a new boss sees you as the enemy, Scheele suggests: "Introduce yourself, explain your responsibilities and ask about her plans for the department. Then make yourself indispensable."

Mary Cooley(Parking Manager) was quoted in the L.A. Times on Aug. 2. Cooley commented in an article about CSUN's enrollment returning to pre-quake levels. Parking is plentiful for the large student body, she said. "It's important for new students to become familiar with the campus and to accept the fact they can't park at the back door of every class," she said.

In a Daily News article Aug. 28,Ron Kopita(Vice President for Student Affairs) commented on the first day of instruction for students. He said an orientation in which 2,000 freshmen participated contributed to a smooth day. "It reduced the kinds of problems we might face on a college campus on a first day of school," he said

The L.A. Times covered the President's "Welcome Back" Picnic on Aug. 29. Faculty and staff served students free food and beverages in an effort to "break down the aloofness" of administration, said President Blenda J. Wilson.

Sept. 16, 1996