August 19, 1996Vol. I, No.1


Northridge in the News


Mari Womack (Anthropology) was quoted in an article on the new 10 p.m. curfew for area teens in the Daily News June 30. "Bonding with their peers is critically important to young people...they perceive a curfew as yet another barrier to the process of becoming adult...it causes a lot of resentment. But in many ways, teen-agers are still children and they have to be protected."

Rodolfo Acuna (Chicano Studies) reviewed Oscar "Zeta" Acosta's new novel, The Uncollected Works, for the L.A. Times June 30.

James Kellenberger (Philosophy) was quoted in the Daily News June 20 about the current controversy over Caller ID, a telephone system which enables the resident to monitor who gets their home telephone number. "I think it's kind of a sad thing where we fall back on technology to distance ourselves from people. But the more we withdraw, the harder it is for all of us to get along."

Ram Roy (Political Science) was interviewed by KCOP Channel 13 in June. Roy commented on U.S. troop involvement in Saudi Arabia.

CSUN grads found themselves being quizzed by The Tonight Show's Jay Leno when the late night television host attended commencement ceremonies in early June.

Channel 13 News, Channel 11 News and Channel 4's Extra! highlighted recent CSUN grads. Adele Scheele (Career Center) commented on the job prospects graduates will encounter.

CSUN's engineering students hit the KNBC 4 News and KTLA 5 News June 18, after the stations highlighted their work in the Future Car Challenge. Students were asked to design a family sedan car with better fuel efficiency and safety.

Dee Shepherd-Look (Psychology) discussed competitive children in the August issue of Parents magazine, explaining that the peak age for competition occurs when children start school. "Kids this age are moving from a small circle of family, in which they're loved just for being who they are, into a larger world where they have to make their mark. They often feel as if the degree to which they are accepted depends upon what they achieve."

A student egg dropping competition appeared on KABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News July 11. Local students attached eggs to parachutes and dropped them from campus buildings to learn the principles of physics and biology.

Elliot Mininberg (Education) was quoted in the L.A. Times July 13. Mininberg was one of several administrators who played host to Thai educators who wanted to explore ways to decentralize instruction, create a community college system and encourage more creative lessons.

Gerald Resendez (Chicano Studies) and Rodolfo Acuna (Chicano Studies) were quoted in the Daily News July 22 about the new wave of Latino activism, now being fueled by Proposition 187 and the California Civil Rights Initiative. Of the involvement, Acuna said: "There are more involved because there are more of them, both Latino and Chicano students."

Jerry Leudders (Music) was highlighted in the L.A. Times July 19, after 56 young men and women of the Seoul Conservatory of Music in South Korea bade farewell to the United States in two concerts. The inaugural visit was part of a new program to bring conservatory students to CSUN each summer for intensive instruction. "I hope they go away with a different sense of their own capacity to be an independent thinker," Leudders said.

Nate Thomas (Radio-Television-Film) was featured in the Daily News July 25. Thomas is directing (along with Tim Russ of Star Trek: Voyager fame) a film about a teen-aged immigrant girl from El Salvador who, after leaving an abusive home in Los Angles, ends up in the city's child protective system. "It's a story about what happens to young people in our government systems," said Thomas of the film, which was shot on campus. Abraham Polonsky (Radio-Television-Film) was featured in the Daily News July 31. Polonsky was awarded co-screenwriting credit for Odds Against Tomorrow, a 1959 film about a bank heist that goes sour because of racial hatred among the robbers. The Writers Guild of America revised its official records, adding Polonsky and two other writers, still grappling with the effects of the blacklist era.

Robert Krol and Shirley Svorny (Economics) wrote a viewpoint piece in the Daily News July 28 on the Valley's secession. "Competition among jurisdictions causes city governments to be smaller and to provide services at less expense to taxpayers."

Jerald Schutte and John Hartzog (Radio-Television-Film) were interviewed by the L.A. Times July 3 concerning this fall's experimental courses being taught on the Internet.


Glenn Omatsu (Asian American Studies) was quoted in the Daily News August 5 after an Los Angeles rally protesting President Clinton's endorsement of sweeping welfare reform legislation. "This is not welfare reform; this is punishing people for being poor and being immigrants," Omatsu said.

August 19, 1996

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