May 12, 1997 Vol. I, No. 18


Northridge In The News

Carolyn Ellner (Education) was featured in a KCET Life and Times segment April 20 about home schooling. Ellner, who opposes the concept, said, "My feelings are that the parents for the most part are misguided, that there are many more opportunities in school for children. It's what the children can do for schools. If you don't have representative children from all parts of the population, we're really not going to be one society. One of my greatest fears is that the country is becoming balkanized."

Peter Weigand (Geological Sciences) was quoted in an April 25 Daily News story about the new disaster film "Volcano," in which a volcanic eruption occurs in downtown Los Angeles. "The last volcano to erupt near Los Angeles was the Conejo Peak in the Santa Monica Mountains," he said.

Students Toni Hang and Reyna Castillo were quoted in an April 26 Daily News story on the "You Turn Me On" tour of the resurrected Chippendale's all-male revue. "We get a chance to express our feelings, not repress them," Hang said. "It's a fantasy."

Student Angelita Rovero appeared in an April 26 Daily News article about the bone marrow drive she helped organize for a 3-year-old Sylmar boy who suffers from leukemia.

Publicizing the Careers for Women seminar, which informs women about career opportunities and strategies, Adele Scheele (Career Center) was quoted in an April 28 Los Angeles Times article. "Women need this more than ever," Scheele said. "The recession cost everybody jobs and was harder hitting for women."

President Blenda J. Wilson's visit to CSUN's daycare center was featured in the April 29 Los Angeles Times with a picture that showed Wilson reading to the students. "I think reading is the most important skill," Wilson said. "Read and have a sense of math competency--you can leave out a lot of other things, but if [children] don't do that well, they're hampered for the rest of their lives."

Shirley Svorny (Economics) wrote a commentary for the April 29 Los Angeles Times on the need for low-wage jobs for "unskilled youths and welfare recipients" to improve community conditions in Los Angeles, thereby improving race relations.

Khaled Mattawa (English) was quoted in an April 29 Daily News article about the Arabic music concert and symposium at CSUN aimed at exposing the community to an alternative image of Arab culture. "All people think of when they think of the Middle East is terrorism," Mattawa said. "We wanted to let people know it's a living culture that has a lot of arts and great humanistic treasures that should be available to everyone."

Teresa Williams (Asian American Studies) was featured in a Los Angeles Times Valley Focus article on May 3 about a recent workshop on abuse in Asian American homes. Williams said interracial families may face unique problems when it comes to domestic violence. She recounted an interview in which a college student described how his abusive father, who is white, would call the student's Vietnamese mother racist names.

Ann Morey (Career Center) was featured in a May 4 article on the front page of the Daily News' business section about the wealth of jobs awaiting graduating seniors. Morey said CSUN's March Job Fair was so packed with recruiters that she had to turn some of them away. "I ran out of room," she said. "We couldn't accommodate them."

A letter by Steven Oppenheimer (Biology) concerning California students' poor scores on national science exams appeared in the May 8 edition of the Los Angeles Times. "The primary reasons are lack of specific standards that students must meet before moving on to the next course and lack of consequences if they do not meet them," he wrote.

The May/June issue of the Newsletter of the College Art Association announced that Joe Lewis (Art) is a conference theme chair for studio art for the organization's February 1999 conference to be held in Los Angeles. The studio art theme will be "Ring of Fire."

Gloria Ricci Lothrop (History) was interviewed concerning the history of the Italian American community in Southern California on this month's inaugural worldwide broadcast of Radio Televisione Italiana.

May 12, 1997