April 28, 1997 Vol. I, No. 17


Northridge In The News

Steve Martinez (Music) was the focus of Dennis McCarthy's column in the Daily News on April 6. As a member of CSUN's woodwind trio, Martinez travels to elementary schools hoping to inspire children to take up a musical instrument. Relating his experience as an 11-year-old who was introduced to the clarinet by a college student, Martinez said he wanted to be a memorable influence on children. "I'm hoping they went home and told their parents what I told mine."

Matthew Cahn (Political Science) lent his opinion to the current debate over dividing Los Angeles County in an April 8 Los Angeles Times article on the subject. "Los Angeles County is extremely large, bureaucratic and densely populated. Residents often feel isolated and vulnerable," Cahn said. "However, splitting the county is not likely to solve these problems." Cahn went on to detail the three main reasons the county would suffer if divided.

Gary Chapman (Physics and Astronomy) was interviewed on KTLA Channel 5's 10 p.m. news broadcast on April 9 about the solar plasma cloud that had been driven off the sun and was due to hit the Earth's magnetic field that evening.

Reekitta Grimes (Associated Students) was quoted in an April 9 L.A. Times story about student voting apathy and CSUN's student government elections. "If we get 3% [of the student body] we're doing good," said Grimes. "We understand that people come to class and then leave, but we want to encourage them to take a minute to [decide] where their money goes." Student Janie "J.J." Jones, a candidate for vice president, also was quoted. "This school is very apathetic," said Jones. "I want them to vote, even if it's not for me."

Dorothy Barresi (English) was interviewed for an April 11 L.A. Times article on her recent award of a $20,000 National Education Assn. grant based on a manuscript for a book of poetry. Barresi called her selection "very gratifying" and intends to take off the 1998-99 academic year to complete the book, tentatively titled "Neither Moss Nor Rust."

CSUN junior and Matador football player Frank Millan (Biology) was featured in an April 11 L.A. Times article on his recuperation after donating a portion of his lung to his sister. She needed the transplant to save her life. "It was kind of scary," Millan said. "There is a little unknown. I knew in the long run it was for the best. It was my little sister. And I'd do anything for her."

Radio-TV-Film chair Judith Marlane; Faye Ainsworth, development director for the College of the Arts, Media, and Communication; CSUN student Noah Ben-Menashe Yacoby (R-TV-F), and CSUN alum Michael Klausman were quoted in an April 12 Daily News feature about CSUN's proposed Entertainment Industry Institute set to be launched this fall. "This is a marvelous opportunity to really access the entertainment industry and do something that is really unprecedented and unique," said Ainsworth.

Reigning Ms. Deaf CSUN Jennifer Brinkley was quoted in an April 16 Daily News article about the recent 1997 pageant. Through a sign language interpreter, Brinkley said the purpose of the pageant is to bring out the participants' "talents as deaf individuals and develop their self-confidence."

In an April 18 Los Angeles Times article on loans and advances to CSUN employees that had not been fully repaid, Faculty Senate President Jim Goss (Religious Studies) had this reaction: "Holy mackerel. I have been here 28 years. I have never heard anything like that. Would you tell me how I can get [an advance]?"

Laurel Long (Art) was quoted in an April 23 Daily News story about the new digital age of art education. Through a project called the Acme Virtual Training Network, animators at Warner Bros. Feature Animation can hold classes on-line with students tuning in from around California and other parts of the country. "This is the first time Cal State Northridge has had this industry link for animators, and it's been great," said Long.

A quote from CSUN senior Chris Landers appeared in the May issue of U. The National College Magazine about his lawsuit against the university for closing down his political web site on the university's server. Landers argued that CSUN censored him for endorsing a Democratic state Senate candidate after the Republican incumbent complained. Although CSUN argued the web site constituted the use of state funds for political purposes, a judge ruled in Landers' favor. "It wasn't like I was Larry Flynt," he said.

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April 28, 1997