Apr. 14, 1997 Vol. I, No. 16


Northridge in the News

Two students, Sarah Loffler and Christina Marin (English), were quoted in a Los Angeles Times front-page story on March 25 about the popularity of Shakespeare on university campuses and the trend of some universities to eliminate required courses on the Bard. "Whether or not it was required wasn't the question. It was a requirement I put on myself," Loffler said. "I don't think he'll ever lose his following. He is a must, just as in music you'd say that Mozart is a must." A new name has entered the world of journalism. Joyce Kennedy, former director of CSUN's Ventura campus, is now writing a column for the Ventura County Star every other week. She made her journalistic debut on March 27 with a sentimental remembrance of an old birch tree that saw her family through the joys of life and the sadness of death. "In some ways the tree was a metaphor for life and its changing seasons," Kennedy wrote. "It witnessed three generations of births, marriages, and deaths. I thought it would be there forever. Instead, it reminded me of my own mortality." Robert Krol (Economics) wrote an opinion piece for the Daily News advocating the increased use of toll roads as one way to ease highway congestion and fund road maintenance. "The tolls should be used for reducing congestion and paying for maintenance, not for more pork barrel construction," Krol wrote. Mark Raab (Anthropology) was quoted in a March 29 Los Angeles Times story on a developer who may have destroyed the archaeological site of a 7,000-year-old Indian village. The article referred to a 1989 report in which Raab indicated the impact to the site from development would be minimal because it had been adequately preserved in 1981 for construction by the Department of Water and Power. Raab said he would "never tell anyone to develop on an archaeological site." CSUN student Dalila Perez was quoted in a March 31 Daily News story about the place of "Spanglish" in Latino-American culture. "It's not that we do it on purpose. It's just that you tend to integrate both languages," said Perez. "We are made of both cultures." CSUN student Filiberto Gonzalez (Chicano Studies) also was quoted in the story. From baseball coach to bard, Bill Kernen, the man who built the CSUN baseball team into a national contender, was featured in an April 1 Los Angeles Times story about his first play, "And Other Fairytales," which opened off-off-Broadway last month. "After a game, what was the first question we heard? Not 'Did you play well?' It was always 'Did you win?' said Kernen. "In the theater, it's all about putting it on the line. You can win every day." Robert Krol and Shirley Svorny (Economics) collaborated on an April 1 opinion piece for the Daily News about charter reform and the need for a commission of citizens to oversee the spending practices of the City Council. In response to the City Council's vote to require firms that receive city contracts or funds to raise the living wage of their workers, they wrote that "if the City Council really cared about the poor, it would take steps to promote job creation in Los Angeles." Blenda J. Wilson (President) and Art Elbert (Administration and Finance) were quoted in the Daily News and the Times in April 4 feature articles on the nearly $74 million in project approvals from the Federal Emergency Management Agency that CSUN has received in recent months for earthquake repairs. "This is a great opportunity to determine how we want to be teaching in the 21st century," Wilson said. "Everything here will be the state of the art."

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April 14, 1997