March 31, 1997 Vol. I, No. 15


Northridge In The News

Judith Marlane (Radio-Television-Film) was featured in KCAL Channel 9 segment on Feb. 27 on the controversy surrounding the new television rating system. "The need by many to regulate this has very major implications and I think frightening implications for many of us in the creative community," Marlane said. The dedication of a new flag to fly over the Oviatt Library received notice on page 3 of the Daily News on March 5. The Daily News and the Los Angeles Times reported March 5 that Josˇ Hernandez (Chicano Studies) was in the lead in early election returns in his bid for a post on the San Fernando City Council. Later, he was announced a winner in the election. The Daily News ran an article on March 6 on President Blenda J. Wilson's community forum in which she talked about the University MarketCenter retail project. "The University MarketCenter is a means of having the college use its unused asset of land in the north end of the campus to create $850,000 to $1 million in revenue," she said. For those who may have missed it, Steven Loy (Kinesiology) was featured in an article on motivating yourself for exercise in the June 1996 issue of New Choices-Living Even Better After 50. Loy said it is appropriate to reward yourself for exercising with the occasional brownie or ice cream. "What are a few calories compared to forming a lifetime habit?" he asked. The Daily News ran a feature March 6 on Sonny and Gloria Kamm, whose art collection recently was on display in the university's main Art Gallery. "Humor is definitely there-humor and irony," said gallery director Louise Lewis (Art) of the exhibit. Ramon Muniz (Chicano Studies) was asked by the Los Angeles Times for his opinion on a proposal to increase the power of weapons used by the LAPD. In the March 8 article, he said, "To arm the entire police department with automatic weapons is escalating to a military state. If anything, we need to remember that North Hollywood was an extreme and very rare incident." President Blenda J. Wilson wrote an opinion piece on the proposed University MarketCenter project that ran in the Los Angeles Times on March 9. "At CSUN, we can see Tidal Wave II bearing down with a velocity and force that the state cannot adequately fund. Because our mission is to educate and prepare future generations for productive lives and employment, we choose to act, not just wring our hands," she said. The Daily News on March 9 chronicled the trials of some CSUN students who desperately tried to watch the basketball team's battle with the University of Montana. "I'm telling you this is the biggest thing that has happened to our school," said senior Joe T. Dagata. Rene Engel's appointment as general manager of KCSN drew a mention in the March 9 Community News column by Stacy Brown in the Daily News. "Rene understands the importance of the relationship between the station and the university," said William Toutant, associate dean of the College of Arts, Media, and Communication. "That was very important to us." Engel also made the Morning Report column in the Calendar section of the Los Angeles Times on March 12. The column noted Engel's new position and his plans to help the station broaden its audience base. The Los Angeles Times noted March 10 that President Blenda J. Wilson, CSUN students and faculty received a commendation in March from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for the university's efforts to help the county establish its own store. "A lot of people [from out of town] only know L.A. as something with a reputation for being weird," said Terry Wolfe (Management). "When they get here, they realize that geographically there is a difference between L.A. County and the city and that there's a lot more to the county than they thought." Sandra Klasky (College of Education) was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article on March 10 about Assemblywoman Sheila Kuehl's then-pending speech. "We want to know in what ways can you craft legislation that will help create greater equity," Klasky said. Ellen Small (Admissions) was quoted in a March 11 Los Angeles Times story on a CSUN program that offers eligible high school juniors and seniors an early taste of college life. "No one [at CSUN] knows that they are in high school except themselves and whoever they tell," Small said. The Los Angeles Times asked Steven Oppenheimer (Biology) his opinion on human cloning research. His answer on March 11: "There's no question in my mind that cloning should be pursued, not necessarily human cloning, but the cloning of animals and plants can have tremendous advantages." The Los Angeles Times ran a lengthy front page feature on March 12 on the International Conference on Prostitution co-sponsored by the university's Center for Sex Research. "It should produce a tremendous amount of research because of the networking that will go on between the researchers and the sex workers," said James Elias (Sociology). The conference also was mentioned by the Daily News article in its L.A. Life section on March 12. And, the conference was all over the air waves-both television and radio-the weekend of March 14-16. "Prostitution is a large industry and we know very little about it except for what comes out of police reports," Vern Bullough (Center for Sex Research) was quoted by the Daily News on March 16. "Most of the writing has been moralistic or sensational. We are trying to really understand it." Alum Tari Livingston-Hughes (Education) was featured in the Los Angeles Times' Personal Best column on March 13. "It's not enough to be here and look pretty," Livingston-Hughes, who is blind, told her English students at Granada Hills High School. "You are here to work. You have a job-to work for your education. The Los Angeles Times Calendar Weekend recommended several CSUN events in its March 13 issue, including a performance by the Northridge United Methodist Church Chancel Choir led by Larry Jarvis (Music). Alum Cheech Marin (English) talked about what he likes to do on the weekends in the Los Angeles Times' Calendar Weekend section on March 13. His weekends: dinner, movies and evenings cut short because he and his wife have to get home to their kids. Stacy Brown's Community News column in the Daily News on March 16 noted that President Blenda J. Wilson was among 12 women honored by the Los Angeles County Commission for Women for outstanding contributions to the community. David Klein(Mathematics) wrote a letter to the Los Angeles Times that ran March 17 concerning math achievement and teaching reforms. "As a professor of mathematics," Klein wrote, "I make my living on the so-called 'higher order thinking skills' in mathematics, and I strongly support their inclusion in K-12 pedagogy. Unfortunately, it is impossible to learn these advanced skills without complete and absolute mastery of the basics. The current reform advocates are wildly out of balance." Crystal Gips (College of Education) is a regular in the Los Angeles Times Calendar Weekend sections that run on Thursdays. Her advice is solicited by Times' reporters who write the TV Smarts column that offers child-friendly television viewing suggestions. Rear View, a new exhibit in the university's Art Gallery, received a notice in the Buzz Weekly magazine for March 14-20. "The idea of this group exhibit," according to the magazine, "is to show that photographs taken behind people are often more telling than if they were taken head-on." Crerar Douglas (Religious Studies) was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article on a university colloquium examining the media's coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial by professor Johnie Scott (Pan-African Studies). "It's an opportunity for people to hear various opinions from different speakers and afterward be able to have a discussion in an informal setting," Douglas said. The Los Angeles Times' Morning Report section took notice of KCSN on March 13. This time, the column welcomed radio personality Bonnie Grice to the airwaves at CSUN's radio station. Later, Grice was featured in a lengthy March 21 article on the front page of the Los Angeles Times' Valley Edition. Grice, formerly an announcer at KUSC, said she did not consider her move to CSUN a step down. "A mike's a mike. Doing real radio is always talking to just one person anyway," she said. Tom Piernik (Student Development and International Programs) was quoted in the Los Angeles Times in a March 19 story about a state Assembly committee approving legislation banning discrimination against homosexuals in California's public schools. Piernik, who testified before the committee, recounted anecdotes of threats against homosexuals on campus. "(One student) was so concerned he started carrying a baseball bat for his own protection," Piernik said. Art Elbert (Administration and Finance) was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article on March 20 about efforts to reopen the earthquake-damaged wings of the Oviatt Library. "We want to get everybody back in as soon as we can, but we wouldn't want to have another quake hit and have it all fall down," he said. "You've got to do it right." CSUN's first president, Ralph Prator, was featured in the Los Angeles Times' Valley 200 column on March 22. Prator, who resigned in 1968 amid antiwar protests and growing tensions over the status of minority students, was quoted in 1992 saying: "We had gained a status among the people of the San Fernando Valley and among our sister institutions that I felt was promising." James Goss (Religious Studies), Art Elbert (Administration and Finance) and professor emeritus DeWayne Johnson (Journalism) were among dozens of people who wrote letters to the Los Angeles Times and Daily News over the weekend of March 22-23 on CSUN's proposed University MarketCenter development on the North Campus. "This is a new adventure for the university, and there are legitimate concerns that need to be addressed, but the purpose of the MarketCenter is to find resources to maintain the state's commitment to open access for all qualified students," Goss wrote. "We need the community's support and understanding." Been or seen Cal State Northridge in the news? 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March 31, 1997