March 10, 1997 Vol. I, No. 14


Julian Nava's (History) documentary, "Voices of Cuba Today: The Future of U.S.-Cuban Relations After the Cold War," attracted the attention of Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education's Jan. 24 edition. The magazine noted the university recently premiered the film.

Nava also was featured in a Feb. 13 segment on KABC Channel 7's evening news broadcast on Mexico's recent decision to offer dual citizenship to its residents living abroad. "I think we're heading toward some form of common citizenship in all of North America," Nava said. "I think this is the first step."

Elizabeth G. Weber (Communication Disorders and Sciences) and her work with autistic children was mentioned on the national television show Extra on Feb. 15 in a segment on two boys with autism who had gotten into dangerous situations.

James E. Elias (Sociology), Vern Bullough and the university's Center for Sex Research were featured in a Scott Harris column in the Los Angeles Times on Feb. 20. Harris' column was on the International Conference on Prostitution that the center is cosponsoring March 14-16 at the Airtel Hotel in Van Nuys, where the Los Angeles Police Department is hosting a training session at the same time.

Elias and the conference also appeared in the Daily News on Feb. 23. "We're not here to titillate," Elias said. "This is an academic conference to discuss issues related to prostitution, and that also includes concerns of the prostitute and sex worker population."

The March issue of Marie Claire magazine likewise mentions the conference. But the article says it is being co-hosted by "Cal State University North Ridge."

Josˇ Hernandez(Chicano Studies) was quoted in the Daily News on Feb. 20, saying he would not favor the city of San Fernando joining the San Fernando Valley should it secede from Los Angeles. "We've worked so hard for our independence," Hernandez said during a San Fernando City Council candidates forum. "San Fernando was able to survive the empire building of Los Angeles and in respect to our city fathers we would like to remain independent."

Jerald Schutte's (Sociology) computer experiment last semester to test on-line learning received a mention in the Feb. 18 edition of Edupage, an on-line newsletter on information technology. "The motivation for doing this was to provide some hard, experimental evidence that didn't seem to exist anywhere," Schutte was quoted as saying.

Schutte's experiment also drew the attention of The Chronicle of Higher Education, which featured the results in its Feb. 21 issue. Schutte was quoted as saying he was surprised that none of the virtual students dropped the class under the increased workload. "There was a lot of trepidation," he said. "A couple of them were hysterical."

Also in the Feb. 21 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education was a photo feature on the Kamm art collection exhibit in the university's Art Dome. The exhibit also attracted the Los Angeles Times, which featured the collection in its Weekend section on Feb. 20. "It's like going into a candy store. There's so much," said Louise Lewis (Art).

Joel Leach (Music) was quoted in the Weekend section of the Los Angeles Times on Feb. 20 about drum prodigy Jacob Armen's performance at the university. "I had never heard a child play like that, and I've been teaching for 30 years," said Leach of the first time he saw Armen play eight years ago. "He played with a level of sophistication and technique fitting for someone 40- or 50-years-old."

Alum Scott Horowitz (Engineering)talked about his recent space shuttle flight to repair the tattered lining of the Hubble Space Telescope, in the Feb. 22 edition of the Daily News. Horowitz fashioned together a large foil patch made of materials from a standard repair kit. "The highlight of the whole mission was putting together material with my own hands," Horowitz said. "I love building stuff anyway, so I was like a kid in a candy store."

Several CSUN students and Barbara Rhodes (Pan-African Studies) were recognized as role models for inner-city kids in a Feb. 24 article in the Daily News. The students serve as mentors for elementary school boys. "Life is not fair, but when you constantly have things stacked against you it makes it even worse," said CSUN senior Steven Duncan. "Especially because a lot of these students are from single-parent households, I think it's crucial for them to have a positive male role model."

Amy Reichbach(Student Health Center) was quoted in the Feb. 25 issue of the Daily News in a story on the federal government's approval of women taking "the morning after pill." Reichbach told the newspaper that women view the procedure as a last-minute option, not a quick fix - especially in the age of HIV and AIDS.

The Los Angeles Times noted on Feb. 21 that hundreds of people lined up to get an autograph from Nobel laureate Francis Crick when he spoke recently at the university.

A speech by former Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver at CSUN drew ire from several members of the audience disappointed that he no longer was as militant as he once was, according to a Feb. 28 article in the Los Angeles Times. "Twenty-nine years ago I stood with 'Soul on Ice' as my bible," said Ron Daniels(Pan-African Studies). "But so many leaders from then have become inconsistent."

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March 10, 1997