Jan. 27, 1997 Vol. I, No. 11


Northridge In The News

Rudy Acuna (Chicano Studies) and student Filiberto Gonzalez (CSUN's MEChA) were quoted in a Dec. 26 article in Black Issues In Higher Education on claims that the Latino movement on college campuses is being targeted for harassment. The two said an off-campus conservative group has been monitoring activities and harassing the university's MEChA group. Bill Calkins (Music) wrote a piece for Windplayer magazine issue #55 on air placement exercises for musicians playing wind instruments. "One of the best ways I know to improve your sound involved a set of exercises I learned from Joe Allard when I studied with him in 1941," Calkins said. Julia Heinen (Music) also wrote a piece for Windplayer magazine issue #55 on the comprehensive warm-up for wind instrument players. "If I don't warm up and try to work on a short passage, it could take me 30 minutes to work up, whereas after I'm warmed up, it may only take five minutes," she said. Verne Bryant (Pan African Studies) was quoted in a Jan. 9 San Diego Union-Tribune article on the Oakland school board's decision to recognize Ebonics as an official language. "It's easiest to say the kid is wrong when he says `we be here.' It's harder to give teachers a tool to understand what a student is saying." A study by Bill Whiting (Kinesiology) was quoted in a Jane W. Brody column in the New York Times on Jan. 8 about the popular abdominal exercise gadgets touted on infomercials. Whiting took strong issue with assertions that ab devices could help someone shed "10 pounds in 10 days." Whiting said such claims were based not on the workout done using the devices, but on the nutrition and aerobic exercise program outlined in the brochures that accompany them. Sheila Harbet (Health Science) was featured on America West's "Flightalk" in January. She talked to host Chuck Ashman about teaching on-line and the use of Psion technology. "What Psion has allowed me to do is to create my own html pages no matter where I am." Rudy Acuna (Chicano Studies) was mentioned in a San Francisco Chronicle features column on Jan. 10 about anti-immigrant forces that have been going after MEChA. The College of Business Administration and Economics' Center for the Study of the San Fernando Valley Economy received recognition in the January issue of the Northridge Business News (put out by the Northridge Chamber of Commerce) as a resource for the area. Shirley Svorny (Economics) was quoted as saying, "It is our aim to provide information that will allow for generally more informed decision making on issues that pertain to the San Fernando Valley." The university and its College of Business Administration and Economics also were cited as key players in the current plans to develop a Northridge Business Improvement District in the January issue of the Northridge Business News. For those who haven't noticed, look closely at the ACCU Weather map in the Daily News to find our lovely university logo serving as a point of reference for our part of the San Fernando Valley. The map's page location changes from day to day, but it was on the back of the Business section on Jan. 16. Art Elbert (Administration and Finance) was quoted in a Daily News article on Jan. 19 about the university's recovery from the 1994 earthquake. "Most importantly, to most people and to me, we're going to use this opportunity to give the campus a unique identity," Elbert said. The Los Angeles Times reported Jan. 21 that Jerald G. Schutte (Sociology) found that average test scores of students who took his course via computer were 20 points higher than for those who attended his lectures. "The key here may be that there are many ways to facilitate the learning process," Schutte said of his experiment. "I don't think that any one of them is a panacea." The university's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program merited an article in the Jan. 21 issue of the Los Angeles Times. The story listed the locations in the San Fernando Valley where low-income residents can have their taxes prepared by Northridge business students. The university's Jewish Studies program received notice in the Los Angeles Times on Jan. 21 for two recent gifts totaling $14,000. Jody Myers (Religious Studies) said the donations should help the program grow and develop. Jim Lawrence (Radio-Television-Film) was asked by the Los Angeles Times for his opinion of the new television ratings system. "The bottom line is they don't want to turn off any viewers, and they will give a rating according to what will give them the biggest possible audience," Lawrence said in the Jan. 21 edition. And for anyone who might have missed it, the Los Angeles Times Magazine did a Jan. 20 profile of CSU Chancellor Barry Munitz, calling him the "CEO of Higher Learning."

January 27, 1997