Nov. 25, 1996 Vol. I, No. 8


Northridge in the News

Politicians and educators argued over Proposition 209 during a debate, which the Daily News covered in an article published Nov. 1. A panel of six, including Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jackie Goldberg, state Sen. Cathie Wright (R-Simi Valley) and several Cal State Northridge professors, participated. Both William Brown (Economics) and Leonard Billet (Political Science) were quoted. Billet, who supports Proposition 209, said he doesn't believe the initiative is even a women's issue. "Women lawyers participated in drawing up the wording of Prop. 209, women lawyers are co-chairs...I doubt Senator Wright or Councilwoman Goldberg are going to go back into the kitchen...."

The L.A. Times covered Cal State Northridge's student-actor T-Fox's one-man show marking the 28th anniversary of the 1968 protest by the Black Student Union. The civil rights protest led to the establishment of minority studies departments. T-Fox performed "The Times of the Furnaces," a play written writer-activist Earl Anthony, commemorating the events of Nov. 4, 1968 when the black students' group occupied and closed the administration building. The article appeared Nov. 5.

The L.A. Times highlighted the work of Cal State Northridge in cataloging several hundred thousand photographs taken by African American photographer Harry Adams. The work is part of an effort to preserve the pictorial history of Los Angeles. "Harry was very meticulous with his photographs and cataloged everything," said Faye Ainsworth (Arts, Media and Communications). Kent Kirkton (Journalism) also was quoted in the Nov. 5 article, and was responsible for bringing the photos that captured everyday life in African American communities.

Ludim de Manzano (Student Outreach and Recruitment) was quoted in the L.A. Times Nov. 5. She commented on the On-Site Admissions Day for prospective freshmen and transfer students. The event featured instant admission decisions, campus tours, opportunities to meet faculty and staff and information on housing and financial aid. "If students are missing any particular requirement, this will allow more time for them" to remedy that, said de Manzano.

Cal State Northridge's Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan hosted the organization's statewide conference for the first time on Nov. 8. "Our Chicano Studies Department is considered one of the top in the nation and this is a way of displaying our department and our professors," said Jesus Flores, a MEChA member and conference committee member. The L.A. Times covered the event.

Diversity and race relations were the topics of a discussion entitled "A Day of Dialogue." Wendy Yost (Project Community) commented on the event in the L.A. Times, Nov. 11. Through dialogue, "we gain insight into and an appreciation of other cultures, backgrounds, orientations and abilities through the life experience of others."

On Nov. 11, Virginia Elwood (Women's Studies librarian) commented in the L.A. Times on women disguising themselves as men to fight as far back as the Civil War. "Women have been involved in war all along. They didn't necessarily want to be there-they just were."

The California Tay-Sachs Disease Prevention Program offered free testing for genetic disorders on the CSUN campus. Tay-Sachs is an inherited genetic disorder of infancy. The baby develops normally until about six months of age, then begins to suffer from nervous system disorders, causing death by the age of 4 or 5. The L.A. Times covered the event Nov. 11. CSUN's Genetics Counseling Program co-sponsored the event.

Rudy Acuna (Chicano Studies) was quoted in the Daily News, Nov. 10. He spoke at the MECHA statewide conference. "We spend too much time arguing about what is a Chicano. We spend too much time arguing the fine points. This is a cultural war," he told students.

Peter Grego's (Theatre) production, "Eleemosynary" was highlighted and earned a critics choice in the L.A. Times, Nov. 1. The production is a gentle comedy about the tricky love-hate relations between three generations of Webrook women. The production, directed by Grego, runs through Dec. 13 at the West Coast Ensemble.

Paul Krivonos (Speech Communication) was featured in a KNBC Channel 4 segment on body language on Nov. 8. Krivonos said "There's a lot of evidence that we make judgments about people in the first four minutes."

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November 25, 1996