Nov. 11, 1996 Vol. I, No. 7


Northridge in the News

Fred Strache (Student Health Center) was quoted in the Daily News, October 25. The article focused on the 5K Healthy Choice American Heart Walk, an event that took place around the Cal State Northridge campus. Hundreds of people participated hoping to raise $15,000. "It's important that the students deal with these health issues," Strache said.

Oscar Marti (Philosophy) organized an ethics panel to discuss affirmative action and Proposition 209, which the L.A. Times highlighted October 24. The event, titled "Cultural Diversity, Affirmative Action and the Modern University," explored the ethical issues of Prop. 209. Marti and Ronald McIntyre (Philosophy) were quoted. Said Marti of the event: "It's not a debate. We are going to be asking what the ethical implications are of affirmative action and of cultural diversity."

In a push to train new teachers recruited for elementary education, CSUN's College of Education began a new outreach training program offering night courses and teacher preparation workshops. The L.A. Times highlighted CSUN's program and similar ones elsewhere on October 28. Carolyn Ellner (Education) and Arlinda Eaton (Elementary Education) were quoted. More than 1,000 questionnaires were sent out to new teachers to help develop courses at the university based on what the newcomers need. "We feel we can be much more user-friendly in designing new programs," Ellner said.

Ronald Davis (History) was mentioned in the Antelope Valley Press on September 26. Davis, who has done research in Natchez, Miss., for 20 years, asked a former student (now a teacher) to work on the Historic Natchez Courthouse Project with him. The article was one of a series about Antelope Valley area teachers and what they did over the summer.

CSUN was in the news because swelling enrollments forced an early closure to the undergraduate admissions application period for the spring semester. The situation left university coaches surprised and pondering what will happen to recruits planning to enroll and participate in spring games and practices. Dave Baldwin (Football), Don Strametz (Track), Paul Bubb (Athletics) and Ron Kopita(Student Affairs) commented in a Daily News article October 31.

November 11, 1996