Oct. 28, 1996 Vol. I, No. 6


Northridge in the News

Carrie Leary (head coach for CSUN's women's golf team) was quoted in the L.A. Times, October 9. The team played for the first time in 17 years at the Lumberjack Women's Golf Invitational in Flagstaff, Ariz. The team placed last, however, and Leary hoped for better. "We realize that this is just one of those years where we just have to get through it," Leary said.

Paul Bubb (Athletics Director) was quoted in the Daily News October 10, commenting on the Matamaniacs, a so-called spirit association that attends and supports CSUN sporting events. The groups antics--dancing, sarcastic cheers for the visiting team, zealous and creative cheers for the Matadors--have been barred from the gym floor and confined to the bleachers for fear of interfering with the game. "I want them there. I want them enthusiastic...But when they step down on the floor next to the playing court that becomes a game-management issue, and that's something we're not going to allow to happen."

The L.A. Times reported October 16 on CSUN's earlier-than-normal closing of undergraduate admissions applications for the spring semester. Faced with a ballooning enrollment--and not enough funds--administrators are trying to keep the quality of education high and maintain the ability to enroll in classes at CSUN. Ron Kopita (Vice President of Student Affairs) explained that when the university had high enrollment figures in the past, it didn't have the resources to better serve students. Students then complained they were unable to get classes, had to stand in long lines and were unable to get services outside the classroom. "We are determined not to let this happen again," Kopita said.

Johnie Scott (Pan-African Studies) was quoted in the Daily News October 16 after he screened filmmaker Spike Lee's new movie "Get On the Bus." The film uses the Million Man March as a backdrop for a look at a busload of African American men traveling from L.A. to Washington, D.C. Scott's comment on the film: "This is the best thing (Lee has) ever done, period...It's a watershed film, and it's going to send out quite a ripple effect."

Cynthia Rawitch (Journalism) was highlighted in a Daily News article October 13 on the Faculty Senate debate over whether to support the Associated Students' decision to have former Ku Klux Klan member David Duke debate affirmative action. Rawitch, a member of the Senate, was quoted as responding to another faculty member who said there is such a thing as too much free speech. "As a matter of fact," Rawitch responded, "there isn't. That's the point."

The L.A. Times highlighted CSUN's Urban Studies Program 25-year anniversary gala October 19. About 500 students have graduated from the program, which analyzes issues such as crime, land use, environmental concerns and traffic. "Our focus is on solutions," said Tim Dagodag (Geography). "From the beginning, we were ahead of the curve; we've emphasized community service."

Warren Campbell (Political Science) was quoted in the Daily News October 20. Campbell was asked to comment on the congressional election for the 25th District, which covers the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys and portions of the northwest San Fernando Valley. Republican Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon is favored to win his third term over Democratic challenger Dianne Trautman. "He's an incumbent. He represents the majority part in the district...His name is very well known," said Campbell.

Cal State Northridge was in the news again because of the affirmative action debate between David Duke and Joe Hicks. Jay Leno included the university in his "Tonight Show" monologue September 26 in which he asked "Why would David Duke be concerned about affirmative action? Maybe a black guy would be promoted over him as grand wizard of the KKK?"

Rodolfo Acuna (Chicano Studies) was featured October 7 in a segment of the KTLA (Channel 5) News at 10 on the Latino March for Justice in Washington D.C. Acuna said comparisons with last year's Million Man March were irrelevant. He said he was attending the Latino march as a personal protest. "I want to show my displeasure with the direction of the government."

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October 28, 1996