September 20, 2004 Vol. IX, No. 3

Trustees 'Streamline' Courses Needed for Transfer to CSU

Community College Students Can Opt for Pared Down Pattern of Required Courses

At their mid-July meeting in Long Beach, California State University trustees approved a plan that "streamlines" the cluster of courses required for community college students transferring to upper division coursework in the state university system.

Trustees said the new policy aims to help students save time and academic credits by ensuring that they will take only those community college courses that will expedite graduation in their chosen majors. Following the new, pared down transfer pattern is voluntary.

"If each student reduces by 10 the number of units taken, the CSU will have 15,000 additional student spaces each year," said David Spence, CSU executive vice chancellor and chief academic officer. "This will result in more students graduating in a timely manner and in a better use of the students' and state's resources."

Set to start with students seeking admission for fall 2006, the new CSU policy creates a lower division pattern of courses for each major. Requiring a minimum of 60 transferable units but no more than 70, the pattern is designed to advance students toward matriculation at any CSU campus.

Students who opt to follow it will be guaranteed admission to the CSU. In the meantime, state universities will continue to admit other transfer students who have met all transfer requirements.

Participating students will identify a major and select the CSU campus of their choice by the time they complete 45 semester units in a community college. They will complete the CSU General Education-Breadth requirements: U.S. history, Constitution and American ideals class requirements, and any lower division major preparation courses.

"The new policy will help reduce the frustration of some students who take more community college units than are necessary for the CSU," said faculty trustee Kathleen Kaiser. "Sadly, in many cases, the units taken do not qualify them for transfer to the CSU."

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