September 7, 2004 Vol. IX, No. 2

Disney's 'Sky High' to Shoot at Northridge

Besides Excitement, Teen Superheroes Film Should Have Minimal Impact on Campus

The exterior of the Oviatt Library will double as a high school for teenaged superheroes in an upcoming Walt Disney Pictures film called "Sky High," chronicling the misadventures of a group of seriously gifted scholars.

Starting Thursday, Sept. 16 and wrapping up by Friday, Oct. 8, film production activity will not interfere with student and faculty access to campus classes and facilities, said Facilities and Trademark Licensing Manager Karla La Rosa.

"The goal is to have as little impact as possible on daily campus life," said La Rosa about the filming.

Activities of film crews and actors will involve the sidewalk in front of the Oviatt Library, the Oviatt Lawn, and the stairs from the Oviatt Lawn up to the library. On September 30 and October 1, there will be filming at the library front door, but students will be allowed to enter, with easy access through either of the building's side stairway entrances. Wheelchair access also will be unrestricted.

"Sky High's" cast and crew of 500 will be shuttled in from an off-campus parking site. Generator and light service trucks will be located where they will not impede campus traffic; none will use campus parking lots or structures.

A temporary concrete sidewalk to be installed on the Oviatt Lawn will be removed immediately after filming and replaced with grass sod where necessary.

In addition, temporary walls bearing the name of the unusual high school will be constructed on either side of the library lawn. Noise will be kept to a minimum during their construction; pounding or loud machinery will not be permitted.

The filmmakers also will use—but not block—designated sidewalks on the Sierra Quad, a small portion of Matador Walk, and part of Orange Grove and Manzanita Walks. Tents and caterers' equipment will be set up on the grass bordered by Manzanita Hall and Orange Grove Walk, and portable restrooms will be located in the Jerome Richfield Hall maintenance yard.

None of the cast or crew members will enter Jerome Richfield or Sierra Halls, or other campus buildings.

For information about the film shoot, call La Rosa at (818) 677-2744.

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