September 7, 2004 Vol. IX, No. 2

University Launches 'Envision 2035' Planning Process

Campus/Community Open Forums Will Help Envision Future of the University

All members of the Cal State Northridge community are invited to attend either of two campus/community open forums slated for Monday, Sept. 13, to publicly launch Envision 2035, the university planning initiative that will help shape the future of the campus for the next several decades.

During the coming year, the university and its broader community will be working collaboratively to envision the future of the campus spanning up to 30 years, hence Envision 2035. The result will be an updated campus master plan that will guide the future layout and design of the campus.

The goal is to prepare Cal State Northridge to meet the changing and growing higher education needs of this region. That means envisioning a Cal State Northridge campus that can offer the educational programs of the future, serve students of the future, and meet the community's future needs.

During the forums, university and community members will have a hands-on opportunity through small discussion groups to discuss and explore future ideas and challenges for the 353-acre campus. That feedback will help the university's planning consultants develop an updated draft campus master plan that should be publicly presented later in the fall semester.

After a nationwide search, the university has selected the prominent, award-winning Los Angeles consulting firm of AC Martin Partners, Inc. to help guide the Envision 2035 campus planning process. AC Martin Partners, which has been in business for nearly 100 years, has developed campus plans for other Cal State universities and private universities.

A campus plan looks at many future aspects of the CSUN campus, including student enrollment, the needs for academic and other facilities, the layout of the campus, the future use of North Campus property north of Lassen Street, and support elements such as employee and student housing, parking, athletic facilities, food services, and other elements.

After a comprehensive environmental review process during spring 2005 that will include additional public hearings, the final campus plan and an accompanying Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be submitted to the California State University's Board of Trustees for final approval.

The last time the CSU Board of Trustees approved an updated CSUN campus master plan was in 1998. Typically, such plans are reviewed and updated periodically as campus conditions and needs change. Each update adds some new elements and deletes others that have become obsolete with time.

For example, the university's current plan still includes an item adopted more than 30 years ago that states the campus could serve up to 25,000 full-time equivalent students (FTES). With the university's current enrollment already nearing that level, the updated plan will look at how CSUN can serve the region's student enrollment demands during the coming decades.

As part of its studies, AC Martin will look at whether the campus could accommodate a larger student enrollment capacity, including what facilities and support services would be needed to serve a student population that might reach 35,000 FTES in future decades.

To attend either Envision 2035 open forum, please RSVP by calling CSUN Community Relations Director Judy Nutter at (818) 677-2123.

Envision 2035
Campus/Community Forums
Monday, September 13, 2004

Morning Session: 9-11 a.m.
University Student Union,
Grand Salon
Evening Session: 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Satellite Student Union,
Shoshone Room

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