August 23, 2004 Vol. IX, No. 1

Keck Foundation Funds New Northridge Teachers Project

Teachers-in-Residence Program Joins Teachers for New Era Initiative on Campus

The W. M. Keck Foundation has awarded Cal State Northridge $300,000 for an innovative new program that brings KŠ12 master teachers into the university's arts and sciences classrooms as teachers-in-residence, actively participating in the preparation of future educators.

Believed to be the first university-wide program of its kind in the United States, the two-year W. M. Keck Teachers-in-Residence Project's overall goals are to bridge the gap between theory and practice in teacher education programs, and to strengthen active collaborations between KŠ12 teachers and university arts and sciences faculty.

The teachers-in-residence project will become part of the campus' work on Teachers for a New Era (TNE), a landmark initiative designed to strengthen KŠ12 teaching by developing state-of-the-art programs at schools of education. Cal State Northridge was one of only four universities nationwide tapped by the Carnegie Corporation of New York to launch the initiative. Eleven institutions now are involved in the TNE consortium.

Philip Rusche, dean of the Michael D. Eisner College of Education, said the Keck gift keeps Cal State Northridge at the forefront of innovation in teacher education and reinforces teacher preparation as a university-wide responsibility at CSUN.

"More importantly," Rusche said, "the gift enhances both the university and local schools by having school faculty share their knowledge with our faculty, and take what they have learned back to their home schools."

The teachers-in-residence will have an opportunity to teach, research, supervise student teachers and engage in ongoing discussions with the university's faculty about the realities of teaching in today's urban classroom. They will have the flexibility to explore further opportunities on campus, from reviewing and informing the content of exit exams to team teaching and admissions.

As the project develops, Cal State Northridge officials plan to share what they learn with the more than 1,200 teacher preparation colleges and universities across the country.

The W. M. Keck Foundation is one of the nation's largest philanthropic organizations. Established in 1954 by the late W. M. Keck, founder of The Superior Oil Company, the foundation's grant making is focused primarily on pioneering efforts in the areas of medical research, science, and engineering.

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