October 6, 2003 Vol. VIII, No. 4

Music Piracy Issue to be Debated at Conference

Music piracy, a hot topic in the recording industry and on college campuses nationwide, will be spotlighted at the fifth annual Economics of the Entertainment Industry Conference set for Wednesday, Oct. 8, in the Thousand Oaks Room of the University Student Union complex.

Sponsored by the Entertainment Industry Institute at Cal State Northridge, the College of Arts, Media, and Communication and the College of Business and Economics, "The Business in Show Biz" conference will focus on "The Music Business vs. Music Consumers: Copyright and the Internet" in its 10:30 a.m. morning session.

Attorney and panel moderator Brian Lee Corber said the current furor over downloading boils down to one issue: "Who will control what, how, when, where and for how much music will be available—the record labels or the consumers?"

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) recently has taken action against individual users—college students among them—to discourage illegal file-sharing.

Attorneys Bonnie Cermak, Gordon Firemark and Ben McLane will join Corber on the panel. "They will be zeroing in on the RIAA lawsuits against students, delving into the legal ramifications of downloading," said Bob Gustafson, Entertainment Industry Institute director.

An afternoon panel, "Careers in the Entertainment Industry for Business and Economics Majors," will feature representatives from Paramount, NBC, Warner Bros. and other entertainment organizations in a panel discussion on career opportunities in sales, marketing, business affairs, accounting, finance and law.

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