May 03, 2004 Vol. VIII, No. 15

Admissions Director Retires with 'Outstanding' Record

Lorraine Newlon's Imprint on Admissions and Records Seen in Unit's Technological Evolution

Campus officials, associates and friends gathered at an April 22 reception to honor Lorraine Newlon and her contributions to the university. Newlon recently retired after more than 35 years at California State University, Northridge.

Praising Newlon's "outstanding" service as director of Articulation, Admissions and Records, Undergraduate Studies Associate Vice President Margaret Fieweger said the former administrator "led the most complex body of workers on campus through a period of time in which technology changes she implemented continually changed the nature of work in [Admissions and Records] and provided effective and efficient services to the university community."

Newlon's planning helped Cal State Northridge develop its first digitized student information system, SIMS, which she later updated to the SIMS-R system. By implementing DARS, the degree audit records system, Newlon provided instant, accessible information to students and advisors.

Fieweger extolled Newlon's "creative problem solving," recalling that it allowed the campus to continue operations immediately after the 1994 earthquake. Newlon decided to move student records and the campus' voice response units to CSU Fresno, working with that campus to provide CSUN's students with application, registration, transcript and other services.

Among Newlon's other accomplishments were the merging of admissions and records functions. Her "cross training" of staff in both functions effectively reduced the time between application and admission.

Under the former director's leadership, efficiencies in grade processing, completion of graduate evaluations and the provision of transcripts all increased in efficiency.

"Lorraine would be the first person to say that she did not achieve the accomplishments alone," Fieweger noted. "Her unique ability to work collegially with others on campus allowed these and other campus innovations to occur."

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