April 19, 2004 Vol. VIII, No. 14

University to Salute Staff at Service Awards Ceremony

The Cal State Northridge 38th annual Staff Service Recognition Awards ceremony will be held from 9-11:30 a.m. Friday, May 14, in the Shoshone Room, Satellite Student Union, to recognize staff employees' dedicated service to the university. The awards are given in five-year service increments. Please review the following list of recipients. If you believe your years of service should be recognized and your name does not appear on the list or is not correctly listed, please contact Cathy Salazar at kim.mcneal@csun.edu, Office of Human Resource Services, no later than Monday, April 26.

5-Year Recipients

Trini Lee, Accounts Payable
Rosario Astorga, Admissions and Records
Patricia Brinson, Admissions and Records
Carol McAllister, Admissions and Records
Spencer Carranza, Advising Res Ctr/EOP
Noe Garcia, Advising Res Ctr/EOP
Carlos Guzman, Associated Students
Charles Neff, Associated Students
Richard Dull, Athletics Administration
Susan Sea, Athletics Administration
Yolanda Avila, CAMC/Student Res Ctr
Ana Montoya, Center on Disabilities
Virginia Hoover, Counseling Services
Michelle Giacopuzzi, Department of Art
Amanda Miner, Department of Art
Mary Reale, Department of Music
Audrey Gold, Department of Theatre
Sofia Kirzner, Education/Credential Office
Philip Rusche, Education/Dean's Office
Amy Unger, Education/Secondary Ed
Janaki Bowerman, English
Isidore Gold, Equipment Room/Athletics
Robert Brocklehurst, Jr., ExL-Program Development
Patti McDaniel, ExL Enter Industries
Victoria Branch, ExL Pub Rel & Publication
Mike Chen, Facilities Planning
Allen Brown, Facility Services
Efrain Guillen, Facility Services
Daniel MacDonald, Facility Services
Delbur Thompson, Facility Services
Lourdes Francia, Fund Accounting
Maria D'Addario, Genetic Counseling Prog.
John Daly, Human Resource Services
Laurie Gold-Brubaker, Human Resource Services
Cathy Salazar, Human Resource Services
Tammy Guzman, Library, Finance & Personnel
Bruce McDonald, Library Systems Admin.
Eleanora DeYoung, Mathematics
Matthew Monroe, Media Relations/Athletics
Rebecca Brown, National Ctr on Deafness
Merri Pearson, National Ctr on Deafness
David Peeples, National Ctr on Deafness
Ranjit Philip, Network Administration
Joy Hillman, Office of VP Admin & Finance
LaVerne Hendricks, Academic Advisement
Nikki Eatmon, Office of VP Student Affairs
Kelly Smith, Jr., Office of Info Technology
Linda Noblejas, Office of the President
Brenda Bailey, Pan African Studies
Celia Green, Pan African Studies
Carole Arciero, Physics & Astronomy
Gail Hesse, PPM Director's Office
Tatsuo Kumagai, Public Relations & Comm.
William Smith, Public Safety/Admin/Ops.
Tenicia Williams, Public Safety/Admin/Ops.
Joselito Blanco, Purchasing Contract Admin.
Yvonne Wolfe, Radio Station KCSN
Marcia Beamish, Res Life & Conf/Admin.
Maren Jensen, Res Life & Conf/Admin.
Angelica Mata, Sci. & Math/Advisement
Frank Colon, Student Outreach & Recruitment
Jason Roberts, Student Outreach & Recruitment
Diana Chavez, Student Accounting
Nikki Johnson-Maxwell, Student Development & International Programs
Jamison Keller, Student Dev. & Intl. Prog.
Maria Garza, Student Health Center/Admin.
Mary Kay Graves, Student Health Ctr/Admin.
Leticia Smith-Pacheco, Student Health Center/Admin.
Caleb Fahey, TES Computer Equip. Svcs
Peter Kain, TES Systems
Dmitry Kogan, TES Systems
Odette Fullum, The Career Center
Jose Cuevas, University Cash Services
Holly Baxter, University Corporation
Arleen Candelario, University Corporation
Diana Castle, University Corporation
Jose Ceja, University Corporation
Jana Cobb, University Corporation
Brad Erisman, University Corporation
Gino Galvez, University Corporation
Shera Garcia, University Corporation
Stephanie Gipson, University Corporation
Miriam Gonzalez, University Corporation
Kenneth Guidry, University Corporation
Alicia Heckathorne, University Corporation
Michelle Le, University Corporation
Gregory Miraglia, University Corporation
Graciela Nakamura, University Corporation
Gloria Rodriguez Gil, University Corporation
Fabricio Rojas, University Corporation
Doris Roman, University Corporation
Priscilla Samaniego, University Corporation
Kimberly Saunders, University Corporation
Sandra Schlesinger, University Corporation
Gabriel Vega, University Postal Services
Sharon Kinard, University Student Union
Vincent (Vinnie) Mele, University Student Union

10-Year Recipients

Yvonne Monreal, A.S. Accounting
Rochelle Johnson-Henderson, Admissions and Records
James Henry, Advising Res Ctr/EOP
Desmond Mounger, Alumni Relations
Lauree Floback, Athletics Administration
Vincente Espinoza, Carpenter Shop
Jose Gil, Carpenter Shop
Erasmo Magana, Carpenter Shop
Leo Ojeda, Carpenter Shop
Joseph Penades, Carpenter Shop
Karla Johnson-Majedi, CECS/Student Development Equity Center
William Roberts, COBAE/Assoc Dean
John LaFreniere, College of HHD/Dean
Mari Uichanco, College of HHD/Dean
James Lortscher, Conference & Customer Service
Linda Gray, Department of Music
Thomas Darin, Dept of Cinema & TV Arts
Fariba Ferdosi, Development Services
Maria Boutin, Education/Ed Psych & Couns
Loretta Staudt, Education/Grants
Lizabeth Kraay, Education/Policy Studies
Guadalupe Nunez, Electric Shop
Cindy Barrett, Engr & Comp Sci/Dean
Rosi Guerra, ExL Acad Support
Paula Lumowa, F&AS Resource Mgmt.
William Fairchild, Facilities Planning
Catalina Basurto, Facility Services
Francis Canales, Facility Services
Hector Figueroa, Facility Services
Victor Gonzalez, Facility Services
Jenny Hsing, Facility Services
Rosalie Loy, Facility Services
John Martin, Facility Services
Felicia Newsome, Facility Services
Marco Perez, Facility Services
Lidia Portillo, Facility Services
Agripina Rodriguez, Facility Services
Lucilo Salazar, Facility Services
Sergio Terrazas, Facility Services
Paulette Sontag, Family Environmental Sci
Margo Dutton, Financial Acctg & Reporting
Janice Craig, Finance, Real Est, & Ins
Judith Mardis, Financial Aid/Operations
Cynthia Bohannan, Financial Services
Jennifer Kelley, Geography
George Alwerth, Landscape & Grounds Services
Rashawn Green, Learning Resource Center
Laura Lau, Library-Finance & Personnel
Eric Hopper, Mechanical Services
Wayne Morrow, Mechanical Services
Christopher Rooney, Mechanical Services
William Sullivan, Mechanical Services
John Young, Mechanical Services
Dean Arnold, Media Library
Ryan Finney, Media Relations/Athletics
Frank Haverstock, NTA Operations
Heriberto Torres, NTA Operations
Roland Cantu, Paint Shop
Tony Cantu, Paint Shop
Frank Tucci, Paint Shop
Benjamin Elisondo, Jr., PPM/Directorv Carmen Chandler, Public Relations & Communications
Douglas Flores, Public Safety/Admin/Opers
John Haran, Public Safety/Admin/Opers
Paul Wells, Public Safety/Admin/Opers
Mary Rueda, Purchasing Contract Adm
John-Thomas Williamson, Shipping Event Relocation
Carolyn Greenfield, Student Accounting
Vicki Allen, Student Dev & Intl Prog
Lorraine Johnson, Student Health Ctr/Admin
Edward Rich, Student Health Ctr/Admin
Gina Lopez, Tech Svc/Serials
Mary Siegel, Tech Svc/Serials
David Burrows, TES Computer Equip Svcs
Paul-Lee Strand, TES Computer Equip Svcs
Mickey Martinez, Univ Library Admin
Maria Perez, University Corporation
Teddie Tan, University Postal Services
Robert Villegas, University Postal Services

15-Year Recipients

Kevin Anderson, Admissions and Records
Vickie Barreiro, Admissions and Records
Deirdre Dowling-Mertz, Admissions and Records
Sandra Hernandez, Admissions and Records
Rosemary Muniz, Admissions and Records
Cydney Walsh, Admissions and Records
James Greene, Advising Res Ctr/EOP
Roxana Salinas, Advising Res Ctr/EOP
Leanne Vincent, Associated Students
John Brown, Biology
Shiva Parsa, Bridge Program
Gerardo Barron, Carpenter Shop
Jodi Johnson, Center on Disabilities
Joseph Dabbour, Circulation
Brenda Leggon, College Preparatory Prgms
Rechelle Aguayo, Commication Disorders & Sciences
Nicolette Stambolis, Communication Studies
Dwight Timmons, Confer & Customer Service
Gary Young, Confer & Customer Service
Robert Kemmerling, Counseling Services
Lawrence O'Connor, Counseling Services
Philip Calvert, Department of Music
Judi Daleke, Education/Dean's Office
Kenneth Rappe, Education/Dean's Office
Ronald Cruz, Electric Shop
Thomas Edvalson, Electric Shop
Ardis Flenniken, ExL K-12 Programs
Daniele Dibie, ExL Lang Cultural Studies
Michael Steadman, ExL Systems/Develop
Emily Inouye, Facilities Planning
Donna Dodrill, Facility Services
Vanessa Ellsworth, Facility Services
Luz Garcia de Garcia, Facility Services
Isidro Ortiz, Facility Services
Ernesto Santana, Facility Services
Truyen Vo, Facility Services
Denise Hansford, Financial Aid/Operations
Mariana Saavedra, Financial Aid/Operations
Susan Young, Financial Aid/Systems Hedy Carpenter, Grad Studies,
Res. & Intl Programs
Fariba Farzan-Schmitt, Liberal Studies Prog
Eric Willis, Library Systems Admin
Alethia MacLachlan, Mechanical Engineering
Thanh Kha, Off VP Student Affairs
Gregory Byars, Paint Shop
Narinder Mitter, Periodicals
Anna Martinez, PPM/Director
Jennifer Elliott, Religious Studies
Linda Jones, Religious Studies
Howard Bliman, Student Health Ctr/Admin
Jeri Landon, Student Health Ctr/Admin
Lisa Baylin, Systems and Technology
Marivic Ghorbani, Tech Svc/Cataloging&Mat
Janice Johnson, TES Telecomm Supp Svcs
Rosemarie Barksdale, The Career Center
Ann Newbury, The Career Center
Linda Llanes, USS Help Desk

20-Year Recipients

Linda Faye Westphal, Admissions and Records
Antonia Pena-Hernandez, Anthropology
Daniel Meehan, APD Program Development
Trudy Ferris, Athletics Administration
Parthenia Hosch, Biology
James Sweeters, Department of Art
William Taylor, Department of Theatre
Gerald Nader, Education/Dean's Office
Douglas Johnson, Education/Equity
Jose Rivera, Engr & Comp Sci/Shop
Linda Belcher, Facility Services
Michael Brunn, Facility Services
Kelly Winkleblack, History
Susan Currin, Human Resource Services
Mika Williamson, Human Resource Services
Linda Carlson, Philosophy
Reginald Castro, Plumbing Shop
Charles Wood, PPM/Director
Dona Whiteley, Purchasing Contract Admin.
Russell Hendler, Tech Svc/Cataloging&Mat
Gina Hsiung, Tech Svc/Cataloging&Mat
Diane Moore, Tech Svc/Database Maint
Peter Prager, Univ Library Admin
Muriel Mozena, University Collection
Dorothy Emick, University Corporation
Cindy Ventuleth, University Development

25-Year Recipients

Beatrice Crowdy-Turner, Admissions and Records
Lydia Kravitz, Admissions and Records
Beverly Palmberg, Application Development
Thomas Poehlmann, CAMC/Dean's Office
David Douglas, Carpenter Shop
Lorna Hughes, Chemistry/Admin
Jacqueline Stemm, Department of Art
Patricia Kuhn, Department of Music
Yervant Aghishian, Engr & Comp Sci/Dean
Sarah-Jane Small, ExL Spec Session Credit
Janice Xanthos, F&AS Resource Management
Vanessa Ellsworth, Facility Services
Rosie Marie Garcia, Facility Services
David Liggett, Geological Sciences
Jan Vardaman, Grad Stu, Rsch & Intl Prog
Ruben Avila, Kinesiology
Raymond Romero, Landscape & Grounds Services
Joseph Parham, Library Systems Admin
Deborah Whitchurch, PS Campus Support Team
John Charles, Jr., Student Dev & Intl Prog
Marian Christy, University Cash Services
Judith Donabedian, University Collection
Judy Berger, University Corporation
Carolina Borella, Univ. Stu. Union/State

30-Year Recipents

Estelle Hekkers, Admissions and Records
Cynthia Ringwald, Admissions and Records
Laura True, Admissions and Records
Michelle Whitaker, Admissions and Records
Virginia Benoit, Facilities Planning
Catherine Clark, Facility Services
Nancy Cichon, Faculty Affairs
Charleen Bell, Financial & Tax Services
Nadean Dupre, Financial Aid/Operations
Jessica Garcia, Human Resource Services
Brenda Greer, Human Resource Services
William Watkins, Jr., Off VP Student Affairs
Annette Angel-Lahr, Psychology
Francisco Lechuga, Stu Outreach & Recruit
Jeanette Olson, Student Accounting
John Arany, The Career Center

35-Year Recipients

Robert Provin, Geography
Jeffrey Craig, PPM/Director
Hilda Moreno, Tech Svc/Cataloging&Mat
Lawrence Kaufman, TES Media Equip Svcs

40-Year Recipient

Dorena Knepper, Government Affairs

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