March 15, 2004 Vol. VIII, No. 12

News Briefs

Conchita Battle Appointed to State Library Board

Speaker of the Assembly Herb Wesson has appointed Conchita Battle, director of Cal State Northridge's Advising Resource Center/EOP, to the Library of California Board.

Battle will join eight others on the board, which determines policy for and authorizes the allocation of funds from programs under the Library of California Act and the California Library Services Act.

During her four-year term, Battle and fellow board members will collect and disseminate information, serve as the central reference and research library for state government and the Legislature, and provide advice and technical assistance to California's public libraries.

The board also will direct state and federal funds in support of local public libraries and statewide library programs, and will develop automation systems to improve resource sharing and access to information.

ITR Activates Filters to Fend Off E-Mail Spam

Information Technology Resources (ITR) is taking steps to slice some of the spam out of campus life.

In late February, ITR put in place anti-spam filtering and tagging procedures that so far have processed nearly 1.2 million messages received by the campus community, blocked 62 percent of them and tagged the remaining 16.35 percent as possible spam messages.

The campus' anti-spam system drops all e-mail messages from sites listed on three "conservative black lists" that identify spam offenders who repeat their intrusions over and over again. The system also rejects e-mail messages with headers that appear to be forged, and tags e-mail messages that could be spam.

But ITR cannot rid the e-mail environment of spam all by itself, said chief technology officer Steven Fitzgerald. Because of possible false positives—that is, messages that trigger a "spam alert" but are in fact legitimate e-mail—campus users need to create personal filters to eliminate e-mail that they consider spam.

"We provide the tools for users," said Fitzgerald, "but they need to get involved." Users can go to Webmail and set filters that will customize the system for their individual purposes, he said. The filters will work to eliminate the spam before it is delivered to one's office or home computer, he said.

Users can set the filters to specify how tagged messages should be handled, Fitzgerald said, deciding for themselves whether a message should be deleted or moved into a special folder.

If help is needed in setting the filters, users should contact the information technology support for their division, or the University Help Desk at (818) 677-1400.

Construction starts this month on a new 2,063-space parking structure, depicted above, in Parking Lot B3 just south of University Hall. The five-level structure will open by fall 2005. Lot B3 is closed for the 18-month construction period.

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