March 1, 2004 Vol. VIII, No. 11

Presentations and Publications


Anthony Dawahare (English) presented a paper in San Diego with Pasadena City College professor Krista Walter titled "Imperial Classroom: Ideology and the Antiwar Struggle" for the panel "War and the University" at the 119th Modern Language Association (MLA) annual convention in December.

Donald Hall (English) presented a paper titled "Queer Bodies: Fictions of Instrumentality" for the panel "Doing This and That in Queer Studies: Queer Theories and Material Relations" at the MLA annual convention.

Gale Larson (English) in November addressed more than 275 Los Angeles area Advanced Placement (AP) English teachers at Marina Del Rey's Marriott Hotel, regarding student performances on the 2003 AP Literature examinations. Volume 23 of "Shaw: The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies," edited by Larson, was published by Penn State Press in November.

Evelyn McClave (English and Linguistics) in January presented a paper titled "Cognitive Universals: Evidence from Universal Head Movements" at the annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America in Boston.

Louis Rubino (Health Sciences) made three presentations in China in November 2003. One was to 325 physicians and public health leaders in Guangzhou, titled "Health Systems in the United States." The others, delivered in Shenzhen at the 19th Executive Director Forum about Hospital Business Management, were "The Role of the Hospital Management Company in the Development and Business Operation of For-Profit Hospitals" and "The Evolution of For-Profit Hospitals in the United States."

Ann Watkins (Mathematics) gave the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Retiring Presidential Address at the annual joint mathematics meetings of the MAA and the American Mathematical Society (AMS) in January. Watkins was president of the MAA for two years until January 2003. Her address was titled "Fallacies in Elementary Statistics."


Carmelo Gariano (Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures) has published an article, "La poes’a de Leonora Acu–a de Marmolejo," in the electronic journal Entre Nosotros, section "Colaboraciones," by Asociaci—n Literaria Cal’ope, Spain, in December 2003, His poem, "Diablo Pecador" was also published in that same journal under the section "Poes’a."

Ellis Godard (Sociology) had an article titled "Reel Life: The Social Geometry of Reality Shows" published in Survivor Lessons, an interdisciplinary edited volume published in fall 2003.

Amir Hussain (Religious Studies) (right, discusses chapter on "American Muslims and Iraq" at January booksigning) published articles titled "Comedy with a Muslim Accent," in the December 2003 issue of American Theatre, and "Salman Rushdie," in the Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World. His chapter on "American Muslims and Iraq" was published in "Twilight of Empire: Responses to Occupation," in 2003 from Perceval Press. " 'This Tremor of Western Wisdom': A Muslim Response to Human Rights and the Declaration" was a chapter published in "Human Rights and Responsibilities in the World Religions," from One World Press.

Kathleen Marsaglia (Geological Sciences) has published an article titled "Sandstone detrital modes support Magdalena Fan displacement from the mouth of the gulf of California," in the January edition of GEOLOGY, vol. 32, pp. 45Š48.

Louis Rubino (Health Sciences) co-authored an article titled "The Evolution of For-Profit Hospital Systems in the United States," in the November 2003 issue of China Health Industry.

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