December 9, 2002 Vol. VII, No. 8

Geography Professors Look at Life in Southern California

James Allen and Eugene Turner Revisit the Ethnic and Racial Landscape of the Region

A new book by acclaimed Cal State Northridge geographers James Allen and Eugene Turner offers a look at the ethnic landscape of Southern California, and a possible glimpse into the nation's future.

"Changing Faces, Changing Places" is a follow-up and in many ways a companion piece to Allen and Turner's highly touted book, "The Ethnic Quilt: Population Diversity in Southern California," which offers an in-depth examination of racial and ethnic demographics in the Los Angeles area using 1990 U.S. Census information.

Drawing from 2000 Census data, Allen and Turner in their new book paint a picture of the Los Angeles region‹which they characterize as Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange and Ventura counties‹that is both more ethnically mixed and yet separated at the same time.

Among the book's findings:

"Changing Faces, Changing Places" is available in the CSUN Matador Bookstore or through the university's Center for Geographical Studies. To find out more about the book or to buy a copy, visit the web site or call (818) 677-3527.

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