May 27, 2003 Vol. VII, No. 17

Twenty Eight CSUN Faculty Granted Emeritus Status

CSUN President Jolene Koester, based on recommendations from the universityıs Personnel Planning and Review Committee, has granted emeritus status to 28 current and former faculty members.

Emeritus faculty continue to enjoy many of the rights and perquisites of regular faculty members, even though they have retired from full time, tenured faculty service or have left the campus after serving at least 15 years as full time, tenure track faculty. CSUN faculty emeriti are listed in the University Catalog.

Campus resources permitting, faculty emeriti receive a university ID, lifetime campus parking permit, courtesy admission to campus events, the right to administer grants, and office space and staff support, if the needs of active faculty members have been met. The following are CSUNıs emeritus faculty chosen in 2003.

James Allen
Jim Allen has won a number of distinguished publishing awards for two of the books he co-authored: "We the People" and "The Ethnic Quilt." He is one of the most well-known and highly regarded scholars in American geography. Jim shared his interests in ethnicity and population though his classes on the "Geography of Los Angeles" and "Population Geography." Each year, CSUN students had the opportunity to take a field trip with Jim to downtown Los Angeles. The giant globe, which is a landmark at the north entrance of Sierra Hall, was one of Jimıs inspirations. He persuaded World Savings to donate the globe to the Geography Department. His colleagues and students have appreciated Jimıs boundless enthusiasm for geography and his wonderful sense of humor for many years.

Paul Baum
Systems & Operation Management
Paul Baum was hired as a lecturer in Management Science in spring 1969. Paul has served the university in many capacities through the years. He has served on committees as diverse as Personnel Planning and Review, Research and Grants, College Personnel, and the data group of the Graduation Rates Task Force. He is currently the College of Business and Economicsı assessment director and serves on the collegeıs Strategic Planning Committee and its Accreditation Committee. Within his department, Paul has helped with major curriculum changes and new course designs, including courses in statistics and quality management.

Mary Ellen Clemons
Mary Ellen Clemons joined the CSUN faculty in 1974. She has served in a wide range of capacities, including as acting chair in 1996-97. She has directed, choreographed and performed in numerous Theatre Department productions in her almost 30-year tenure at CSUN. Of particular note are the 16 years (1984­1990) she served as executive/administrative director of the TeenAge Drama Workshop, a well-respected Los Angeles summer program housed at CSUN. Clemons will continue to work at the university each year for the next five years under the Faculty Early Retirement Program.

Michael Dunn
Finance, Real Estate, & Insurance
Michael Dunn has ably served the College of Business and Economics and the university since 1968. On three separate occasions, Michael served as chair of the Department of Finance, Real Estate, and Insurance. In addition to his service on numerous university committees, he has served the community as a member of various boards of directors and as a business consultant. His finance courses are well known by students and the faculty for their academic rigor and for blending financial theory with practical business considerations.

Bonnie Faherty
Health Sciences
Bonnie Faherty came to the nursing program and brought humor, a passion for political justice and a wealth of experience to be shared with the students. She has been a mentor to many students who still keep in touch and remember her. We miss her very much, but her spirit, professionalism and humor is with us through her many e-mails that inform us and also cause us to chuckle and think, "Thatıs our Bonnie." We wish she was back with us. She is an inspiration and role model.

George Ferrell
Educational Psychology and Counseling
In his 30-year career, George Ferrell has gained the respect and appreciation of colleagues and students for his effective and caring teaching, scholarly standards and contributions, and dedicated service to the advancement of our university. He has ably filled a wide variety of teaching, advisement, governance and service roles at all levels in the university, often in a leadership capacity, including chairing the Department of Elementary Education and the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling.

Jack Foley
Leisure Studies & Recreation
Jack Foley became known as the "baseball" professor due to his devotion to the sport and to the Cal State Northridge team. Jack not only played baseball himself, but attracted many students to the Leisure Studies and Recreation major by helping them transfer the qualities needed by a successful athlete to those needed to succeed in other aspects of life. Professor Foleyıs commitment to extending recreation and leisure activities to the urban poor and underprivileged is well documented throughout Los Angeles.

James Goss
Religious Studies
James Goss joined the faculty in 1969. He is a founding member of the Department of Religious Studies. He was essential to the formation of the departmentıs overall program. He served several years as department chair. His colleagues are profoundly grateful for his contributions to their program and his help to each of them through the years. Jim has an outstanding record as a citizen of this campus. He served as Faculty President and as chair of the Academic Senate. During President Blenda Wilsonıs tenure, Jim served as executive associate to the president. Moreover, in the history of the campus, Jim Goss is arguably the best tennis player on the faculty.

Shelia Harbet
Health Sciences
Shelia Harbet has made many contributions to the Department of Health Sciences and most specifically to the Health Education Program where she spearheaded the Single Subject Credential Preparation Program for students seeking to teach health in junior high and high school education. Perhaps her greatest contribution, though, was her pioneering work in the development of the virtual classroom. As a member of CSUNıs "Cyber Seven," she was instrumental in helping to develop, implement and evaluate online education at CSUN. This has become an important and leading edge teaching and learning technology that many of our students have had the opportunity to experience. We celebrate her contributions and want her to know we miss her in the department, college and university.

Alan Harris
Communication Studies
Alan Harris has served the Department of Communication Studies since 1978 as a professor, mentor and scholar. He has distinguished himself in the field of linguistics and semiotics, having published numerous articles on these topics in scholarly journals. Using his talents in language, he has taught special sections of public speaking for ESL students. He has overseen the establishment of the Aronstam Library and improved the quality of this very special resource for Communication Studies students and faculty. Professor Harris is a dedicated teacher and scholar.

Adrian Herzog (deceased)
Physics & Astronomy
Adrian Herzog passed away suddenly a little more than two years ago. He served the Department of Physics and Astronomy, the college, and the university with distinction between 1981 and 2001. His contributions in the design of the Donald E. Bianchi Planetarium represent a significant and lasting contribution. Herzog also helped the San Fernando Observatory in many ways, particularly in software development for analysis of solar data. During his last five years, Herzog served as department chair.

Robert Howard
Robert Howard was instrumental in developing the geomorphology classes in the Geography Department. His own area of interest was the arid lands of the west. Every fall semester, Robert ran a field trip to the Colorado plateau and Grand Canyon, and every spring semester students went to Death Valley. Bobıs field trips were so popular that many students went repeatedly. Many of the field trips also included Bobıs friends from the Geology Department, thus students learned not only geomorphology but a little geology as well. Bob was a longtime collector of prints by artists who painted the landscapes of the American west at the turn of the century. Recently, Bob donated a number of his prints to the Geography Department.

Linda Huetinck
Secondary Education
Linda Huetinck has many distinguished years of service to the department, the Michael D. Eisner College of Education and the university. She was the recipient of an National Science Foundation grant, "Visualization in Mathematics" or Viz-Math, that supported mathematicsı masterıs degree candidates. That was a collaborative project of the departments of Mathematics and Secondary Education. She is the lead author of a highly respected mathematics methods textbook, with the second edition of this book due for publication in fall 2003. Huetinck also participated in the development of the Four-Year Integrated (FYI) Teacher Credential Program in mathematics, a four-year, undergraduate program that leads to the bachelorıs degree in mathematics and the single subject credential in mathematics.

Sandra Jewett
Sandra Jewett has been a dedicated member of the Chemistry Department, working with undergraduate and masterıs students who have gone on to Ph.D. programs and industry. She held an NSF instructional improvement grant and two NIH research grants working on the antioxidant enzyme, copper-zinc super oxide dismutase. Sandra has published 10 papers with her students and has presented her research at numerous scientific meetings. She won the first Jerome Richfield Memorial Scholar Award, as well as the George Lefevre Award for Distinguished Faculty Research. She will continue to volunteer in the department and to promote the efforts of the department to support local high school chemistry teachers.

Ivan Johnson
Ivan Johnson of the Department of Economics began his career at CSUN in fall 1973. From beginning, he has been considered one of the departmentıs most effective teachers. Ivan also has served with distinction on a very large number of committees at the university, college and department levels. Finally, Ivan has done significant research in macroeconomics.

Carol Kelly
Child and Adolescent Development
Carol Kelly has long held a vision for the Department of Child and Adolescent Development that only recently has become a reality. In 2002 under her guidance and largely in response to her efforts, the interdisciplinary major in Child Development became its own department. Hundreds of former students owe a debt of gratitude to Kelly for her tireless effort on their behalf. She has given unselfishly of her time and energy to ensure that each student maximizes what they take from their experiences at CSUN. Future cohorts of students will continue to benefit from the careful thought she has given to shaping the new curriculum for the department.

Gale Larson
Gale Larson received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Nebraska in 1968 and has been a faculty member in the English Department at CSUN since 1967. He served as department chair from 1985 to 1991. He is a nationally recognized scholar in drama studies, particularly the work of George Bernard Shaw. He also is a national leader in Advanced Placement testing and test design.

Angela Lew
Reference & Instructional Service
Angela Lew began her CSUN career in 1981 when she joined the Oviatt Libraryıs Catalog Department, then located in the South Library. Angela has curated several major and very well received library exhibits, including "Sights and Sounds of China," and "Chinese Ethnic Embroidery." Angela is a major contributor to CSUNıs China Institute, serving on its board of directors and as its director for several years. Angela co-established that organizationıs Cultural Exchange Committee and raised funds to establish 28 libraries throughout rural China. Angela has served as an outstanding campus ambassador to China on many occasions.

Gloria Ricci Lothrop
Gloria Ricci Lothrop earned her B.A. in English with Honors at Immaculate Heart College in 1956. Her career changed course with a Fulbright Scholar award to the University of Mysore, India, in 1963. Transformed by that experience, she set her sights on a one-room school teaching experience with the Peace Corps in Mogadishu, Somalia, but was persuaded that with her gifts as both teacher and scholar, she should instead direct her energy toward a Ph.D. in history. She will also leave behind a multitude of friends and admirers at CSUN who, along with her students, colleagues, and friends, have so relished the experience of knowing and working with her at CSUN since August 1994. Fortunately, she will leave us glorious memories and continued friendship and partnerships for decades to come.

Esther Nelson Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures
Esther Nelson came to the Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures Department in 1986 as a peninsular specialist in the Spanish Section. During her stay at CSUN, she served as a member of the Disabled Student Advisory Board and taught elementary Spanish classes for the deaf. Nelson also was very active in community and volunteer work. She was the executive director of the Villa Mariposa Project, a home for Latino teenage boys who were at high-risk of being involved in gangs and drugs. Social outreach has always been a large part of her life. Now that she is retired in San Antonio, Texas, she looks forward to writing about the moral obligations of individuals, organizations and businesses in alleviating social problems and how this can be done to the benefit of all. Although retired, she intends to teach through the Faculty Early Retirement Program during the spring semesters.

Robert Noreen
Robert Noreen received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Chicago in 1969 and has been a member of the English Department faculty at CSUN since 1968. He served as department chair from 1997 to 2002. He is a passionate teacher of Victorian literature and poetry. He also is a state leader in English testing and the creation of placement examinations for college-bound high school students.

Mary Shamrock
Mary Shamrock earned her Ph.D. from UCLA in the Music Education/ Ethnomusicology program. She initiated the offering of World Music courses in the general education component at CSUN, and taught the courses for music majors. She received special training at the University of Toronto and has served as an instructor for short courses and workshops throughout the United States and in Austria, Japan, China and Taiwan. She joined the music faculty in 1978, and served the University in a variety of roles. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Shamrock served as coordinator of the Music Education Option, assistant chair of the Music Department, and most recently as associate dean of the College of Health and Human Development.

Jeffrey Sicha
Early in his career, Jeffrey Sicha saw that there were a great many philosophical works of substantial merit that deserve to be in print, but that are commercially unattractive to the large academic publishing houses. In this he divined correctly one of the major challenges facing todayıs scholars. To provide a partial solution to this problem, he established the Ridgeview Publishing Company. Ridgeview has established itself as a significant presence in the philosophical world. Through his efforts, many important philosophical works that would not otherwise have been available, some original and some reprinted, are now accessible to the scholarly reader. Jeffrey has been a tireless and dependable colleague. He was cheerfully willing to teach courses no one else picked up, to advise students at times of the day when no one else was available, to aide the staff, and, above all, to engage in exciting and fruitful philosophical conversation with his students and colleagues.

Richard Smith
Richard Smith has been a valued and trustworthy faculty member in the Psychology Department for the past 38 years. Richard Smith is a gentleman and a scholar. He is a truly caring individual who has made the Psychology Department a better place to teach and work. He is respected by his colleagues, staff and students.

Sylvia Snowiss
Political Science
Sylvia Snowiss has served the Political Science Department with distinction and dedication since 1968. Through her service as the departmentıs pre-law advisor, she has been directly responsible for our tremendous success in placing an ever-growing number of students from across the campus into local and national law schools. She has served as an unofficial liaison with law schools and with the Law School Admissions Council, and is responsible for the highly successful and invaluable Judicial Internship Program, which allows our students to intern with local judges. The department is fortunate to benefit from Snowissı contributions now that she has decided to join the Faculty Early Retirement Program beginning in 2003-04, and hopes to continue its affiliation with her as she is granted emeritus status.

James Tomberlin (deceased)
James Tomberlin, professor of philosophy at CSUN, died on October 13, 2002. He joined the Philosophy Department in 1969. Jim was a dedicated teacher, especially good at recognizing and encouraging philosophical talent. He was instrumental in the postbaccalaureate success of many of his students. In recent years, his teaching concentrated mainly on logic and critical reasoning. Jim Tomberlin was a renowned and highly respected philosopher, having published more than 90 essays and other works in many areas of analytic philosophy.

Robert Winslow
Leisure Studies & Recreation
Bob Winslow received his masterıs degree from CSUN and earned a doctorate at New York University. He is well known nationwide for his contributions to therapeutic recreation, and served as president of the National Therapeutic Recreation Society. Bob stepped in as department chair and was able to see the department through several years fraught with faculty retirements and reduced budgets. Bob worked with all majors through academic advising, scrutinizing student research projects and by modeling professional commitment. He will be remembered for his generous spirit and "wheelchair" assignment that placed every Leisure Studies major in the role of an individual with a physical disability for an entire day.

Ben Yu
Ben Yu joined the Economics Department in fall 1985 and this year took a disability retirement. Ben was a very good teacher. Ben also was a very active researcher and made significant contributions to our understanding of the theory of the firm and the role of technological innovation. Further, Ben provided very fine service to the university and the department.

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