April 28, 2003 Vol. VII, No. 15

CSUN Honors Employees at Staff Service Recognition Awards

The Cal State Northridge Staff Service Recognition Awards ceremony will be held from 9­11 a.m. Friday, May 16 to recognize staff employeesı dedicated service to the University. The awards are given in five-year service increments. Please review the following list of recipients. If you believe your years of service should be recognized and your name does not appear on the list or is not correctly listed, please contact Cathy Salazar (cathy.salazar@csun.edu) or Terese Medina (terese.medina@csun.edu 35-Year Recipients
Clarence Askew, Receiving/Campus Store
Richard Breazile, Landscape & Grounds Svcs
Linda Newcomb, Admissions and Records
Janine Ridgeway, Tech Svc/Orders & Apprval

30-Year Recipients
Cecilea Citizen, Facility Services
Ronald Clouse, Budget Planning & Mgt
Philip Dimon, USS Creative Media
Judith Friedman, Psychology
Maluz Gonzalez, Tech Svc/Orders & Apprval
William Krohmer, Biology
Linda Miller, Counseling Services
Cynthia Rawitch, CAMC/Deanıs Office
William Roberts, COBAE/Assoc Dean
Carol Roberts, Department of Music
Janson Stitz, Facility Services
Corrine Yonce, Technology Equip Srvcs

25-Year Recipients
Kathryn Anthony, Performing Arts Center
Cheryl Connole, College of HHD/Dean
Fred Dukes, Ofc of VP Admin & Finance
Pearllena Ivory, Facility Services
Diane Katayama, A.S. Accounting
Jane Nilsen, Student Accounting
Gary Sanderson, University Corporation
Janet Shannon, Asset Management
Candace Stevenson, Financial Aid/Counseling

20-Year Recipients
Mary Ankeny, Undergraduate Studies
Cecille Avila-Robinson, Off VP Student Affairs
Kate Berggren, Application Development
Sharlene Chacon, Res Life & Conf/Admin
Collin Chin, AD Database Mgmt
Lourdes Europa, Student Health Ctr/Admin
Joyce Firemark, University Corporation
Leroy Geter, Stu Outreach & Recruit
Kristal Gordon, Stu Health Ctr/Pharmacy
David Hahn, University Corporation
Ronald Heeb, AD Database Mgmt
Deborah Hellman, TES Media Equip Srvcs
Mary Jane Hurley, Receiving/Campus Store
Michelle Jackson, Facility Services
Richard Jardin, Carpenter Shop
Darryl Johnson, PPM/Director
Mark Loomis, Facility Services
Jan Loritz, Student Health Ctr/Admin
Sati Manvi, Student Health Ctr/Admin
Angela McHugh, Accounts Receivable
Edward OıBrien, Office of the President
Mary Ann Olson, Financial Aid Off/Admin
Lance Rickman, Lock Shop
Phil Stokes, Paint Shop
Kristine Tacsik, Geography
Donovan Tucker, Landscape & Grounds Svcs
Michael Whitener, Carpenter Shop
Julie Williams, EOP Adm & Partnership
Saeed Zoormandan, USS Desktop Support & Training

15-Year Recipients
Ramon Alvarado, Circulation
Karen Berkeland, Tech Svc/Accounting
Sharyn Bishop, Admissions and Records
Janis Bryant, Performing Arts Center
Estela Chacon, Education/Credential Offc
Wayne Cohen, Ref & Instructional Svcs
Felicia Cousin, Interlibrary Loans
Akshay Dhruv, CCS Systems
Wes Dodrill, Facility Services
Nancy Allen Duffy, Counseling Services
Patricia Faiman, Admissions and Records
Jose Garcia, Confer & Customer Service
Yvonne Geth, Tech Svc/Serials
Deborah Gladden, Facility Services
Lucinda Gobble, Student Outreach & Recruit
German Gonzalez, Facility Services
Carol Hallenbeck, Human Resource Services
Mary Iliff, Admissions and Records
Donetta Johnson, Budget Planning & Mgt
Mack Johnson, Grad Stu Res & Intl Prog
Betsy Jones, Civil Eng & Applied Mech
Laiani Kiapos, Admissions and Records
Donald Kurihara, Chemistry/Admin
Betty Laurie, Student Health Ctr/Admin
Brian McConville, Facility Services
Diane Newns, Admissions and Records
Novanachea Perry, University Cash Services
Kristen Pichler, University Student Union
Karen Primm, Admissions and Records
Julie Sadat-Hosseiny, ExL Language & Cultural Studies
Stacey Schaaf, Geological Science
Robert Schmelter, Facility Services
Grace Shojinaga, Lib - Finance & Personnel
Catherine Sluter, Tech Svc/Orders & Apprval
Karen Smallfoot, Admissions and Records
Anthony Smith, TES Computer Equip Srvcs
Pamela Sprankling, Modern & Classical Lang
Emilia Tayahua, Student Health Ctr/Admin
Yoshi Teshima, Landscape & Grounds Svcs
Cuong Vo, Facility Services
Janice Volbeda, Biology
Dolores Willette, Student Health Ctr/Admin
Manley Witten, Department of Journalism

10-Year Recipients
Joannie Aguayo, University Corporation
Martha Alzamora, English
Carmen Amezua, Facility Services
Helena Berg-Kolin, Advising Res. Ctr/EOP
Peggy Berrenson, University Corporation
Martha Campos, Liberal Studies Prog
Steve Cantu, Facility Services
Laura Castillo, Facilities Services
Carlos Castillo, Public Safety/Parking
Karol Chew, Anthropology
Lee Choo, USS Creative Media
Marshall Cleveson, University Corporation
William Coleman, Student Health Ctr/Admin
Joliebeth Cope, Public Safety/Admin/Opers
Patti Dengler, University Corporation
Sherry Drainer, Lock Shop
Yanina Flores, Chicano/a Studies
Cesar Garcia, Facility Services
Eugene Garcia, Systems & Technology
Debra Hammond, University Student Union
Suzanne Hendley, Education/Secondary Ed
Joseph Hughes, Mechanical Services
Doris Johnson, Off of Acad Advisement
Brenda Kanno, Biology/Equip & Safety
Louanne Kennedy, Provost & VP of Aca Affrs
Rita Linton, Humanities/Dean
Michael McFarland, Library Systems Admin
Joyce Medley, University Corporation
Bill Murphy, Facility Services
Peggy Ng, Accounts Receivable
Jean OıSullivan, College of HHD/Dean
Concepcion Perez, Off of Acad Advisement
Fidel Ramirez, Stu Outreach & Recruit
Alfonso Ratcliffe, University Corporation
Randy Reynaldo, Office of the President
Marguerite Roblin, Teacher Curriculum Center
Patricia Troutt, Financial Aid/Operations
Jerry White, Facility Services

5-Year Recipients
Teodosio Abat, Financial Services
Mark Adamiak, Event/Facilities Mgmt/Ath
Albert Alcazar, Provost & VP of Aca Affrs
Glenn Alejandro, Off VP Student Affairs
Consolacion Alonzo, Development Services
Kristin Amey, National Ctr on Deafness
Grove Anderson III, Landscape & Grounds Svcs
Maria Concepcion Ayon, Stu Outreach & Recruit
Dotti Baker, S&BS/Ed Equity
Shawna Barber, National Ctr on Deafness
Julia Berghofer, University Corporation
Melanie Borchers, Institutional Research
Joyce Butera, CECS Information Systems
Ingemar Carranza, Acad Svcs for St Athletes
Cat Carrigan, TES Telecomm Supp Srvcs
Vinia Casuga, Associated Students
Sally Clark, ExL Spec Session Credit
Carollee Courtney, Asian American Studies
John Darakjy, Financial & Tax Services
Nancy Davidson, Teacher Curriculum Center
Scott Dunlap, ExL LA County/CSUN
Dale Dyal, National Ctr on Deafness
Anne Evaniuck, ExL Acad Support
Mari Flores, Geological Science
Fayrene Flowers, Health Sciences
Patrice Fournier, PS Campus Support Team
Carolina Franco-Ardaghi, Engr & Comp Sci/Dean
Christina Gilmore, Student Accounting
Noelia Gonzalez, Financial Aid/Counseling
Mae Graham, Confer & Customer Service
Veronica Grant, Univ Advancement VP
Jennifer Griffin, University Corporation
Yulia Krumer, University Corporation
Heidi Kwok, University Corporation
Lillian Lewis, Off VP Student Affairs
Gerardo Lopez, University Corporation
Alice Lu, ExL Acad Support
Ivone Mack, Department of Art
Nary Maldonado, University Corporation
Michael Marotta, Center on Disabilities
Wendy Massey, University Corporation
Pavel May, CCS Systems
Martin McKnight, Landscape & Grounds Svcs
Vickie Metcalfe, PS Campus Support Team
Ludwin Molina, University Corporation
Felicia Morariu, Institutional Research
Michelle Orso, Interlibrary Loans
Aivee Ortega, Associated Students
Stephen Palmer, National Ctr on Deafness
Russell Paquette, ExL Mktg & Advertising
Jean Porter, Academic Resources
Barbara Raymond, F&AS Resource Management
Darius Riggins, S&BS/Ed Equity
Gloria Roberts, Provost & VP of Aca Affrs
Xochilt Rodriguez, Student Health Ctr/Admin
Tobi Roffman-Pollock, Engr & Comp Sci/Dean
Jose Roy, FEMA Accounting
Sherry Saebfar, Acctng & Info Sys
Marina Sanchez, Associated Students
Augusto Santos, TES Media Equip Srvcs
Corneliu Sarca, Physics & Astronomy
Brandi Schwabe, Center on Disabilities
Kimberly Sheldone, F&AS Resource Management
Anita Simon, Public Safety/Parking
Marlyn Smith, Receiving/Campus Store
Robert Stark, Application Development
Angela Stockmon, Admissions and Records
Constance Stratton, University Corporation
Sandra Struman, CAMC/Deanıs Office
Travis Thomas, Receiving/Campus Store
Toni Uhlendorf, Biology/Equip & Safety
Juana Maria Valdivia, Stu Outreach & Recruit
Scott Vanscoy, Public Safety/Admin/Opers
Terri Velazco, PPM/Director
Nora Weckler, University Corporation
Renate Wigfall, Academic Resources
Editha Winterhalter, Academic Resources
Robert Wood, National Ctr on Deafness

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