April 28, 2003 Vol. VII, No. 15

Center for Community-Service Learning Honored

2003 Valley of the Stars Award Recognizes Universityıs Partnership with Community Charter Middle School

Cal State Northridgeıs Center for Community-Service Learning and the Community Charter Middle School in San Fernando been honored with the "Valley of the Stars 2003 Business/Education Partnership Award" by the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley.

The Economic Alliance in February recognized the two academic entities for their collaborative efforts during the past four years to improve the quality of education for middle school students from the Northeast San Fernando Valley. The award included $2,500 in funding.

"Our service-learning students have learned as much from their experience as the middle schoolers," said Maureen Rubin, director of the universityıs Center for Community-Service Learning (right).

CSUN teamed with Community Charter Middle School (CCMS), which now operates at two locations in San Fernando, in 1999 when the university provided temporary classroom space on the CSUN campus until the schoolıs first facility was completed that fall.

The school, now with about 350 students compared to the several thousand enrollment public schools in its area, serves sixth through eighth graders in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. One goal of the school, one of the Valleyıs first start-up charter schools, is for all of its students to ultimately attend college.

Since the relationship began, Cal State Northridge has contributed service-learning students from such disciplines as computer science, art, music, theater and biology, along with tutors and mentors from university programs. Each year, students from the middle school also spend time at CSUN learning about life on a university campus.

Rubin said CSUN and the middle school have collaborated on several projects, including utilizing a $100,000 computer training grant from MCI/WorldCom, a Cesar Chavez Day project involving oral histories and photography of community seniors, and the Tomorrowıs Scientist after-school program.

Launched in 1998, CSUNıs Center for Community-Service Learning aims to inspire, encourage and support university students and faculty in their pursuit of academic excellence through involvement in meaningful community service.

The developer and executive director of the Community Charter Middle School is CSUN alumna Jacqueline Elliot, who earned her bachelorıs degree, masterıs degree and teaching and administrative credentials at the university.

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