February 10, 2003 Vol. VII, No. 10

CSUN Police and LAPD Join to Crack Down on Speeders

In an effort to crack down on speeders and prevent automobile and pedestrian accidents, Cal State Northridge╣s Department of Public Safety joined forces with the LAPD╣s Valley Traffic Division to launch a speeding enforcement campaign starting last week.

"Everyone on campus has a place to go and things to do. But when we rush at the last minute and attempt to make up the time on the road, there are often serious, if not tragic results in the form of traffic collisions," said Anne Glavin, CSUN╣s director of public safety and chief of police.

Statistics show rising numbers of automobile accidents around campus. According to the LAPD╣s Valley Traffic Division, there were 54 traffic collisions on the streets surrounding the university in 2002.

"Because we care about the individual safety of every member of our community, we must be aggressive in dealing with the serious problem of speeding on and around campus," Glavin said. "When members of our own community are engaged in traffic collisions with each other and personal injury results, it is time to address this problem in serious fashion."

As part of the joint enforcement campaign, CSUN Motor Officers William Smith and Nathan Jones have taken a radar-training course through the LAPD╣s Valley Traffic Division and will be using radar guns to enforce speed limits both on campus and in the surrounding areas.

"We have received complaints of excessive vehicle code violations on both the campus and in surrounding areas. That needs to be addressed before more people are injured," said Officer William Smith. "Safety is what it╣s all about."

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