January 27, 2003 Vol. VII, No. 8


Honors and Awards

Karen Jones Green (Communication Disorders and Sciences) has received the 2002 Don Dorsey Excellence in Mentoring Award. This university award recognizes CSUN faculty who have a demonstrated record of excellence based on their exceptional contributions and holistic approach to mentoring students and a proactive involvement in the university's commitment to the success of students from diverse backgrounds.

Vicki Vidal (English) was invited to participate in a master class in playwriting in December. Nine-time Obie Award-winning playwright Maria Fornes facilitated the intensive workshop.

Stan Metzenberg (Biology) has been appointed to the California Curriculum Development and Supplemental Materials Commission, an advisory body to the State Board of Education on curriculum and instructional materials.

The Learning and Resource Center's tutor training program has been certified by the College Reading and Learning Association, which will allow its tutors to achieve international certification. The center has also been awarded $6,400 by the Gracie Petrie Endowment Fund to augment its instructional programs for students with disabilities. The center will be working with the Center on Disabilities to provide these students with the best possible services.

Tony Arthur (English) did radio interviews with the Voice of America and was interviewed for a profile in New York magazine.


Rick Mitchell (English) has had two full-length dramas published. "The Composition of Herman Melville" was published by Intellect Books and his 2002 SWTA National New Play Contest winner, "Brecht in L.A.," was published in Xcp: Cross Cultural Poetics, No. 11.

Elyce Wakerman (English) had her opinion piece offering an appreciation of CSUN's catering trucks, the Sierra Express, appear in the Nov. 27 edition of the Los Angeles Daily News.

Kate Haake's (English) new novel, "That Water, Those Rocks," will be published by the University of Nevada Press in April 2003.

Tobias Gregory (English) had his essay "In Defense of Empson: A Reassessment of Milton's God" published by the University of Missouri Press in a collection titled "Fault Lines and Controversies in the Study of Seventeenth-century English Literature."

Steven Oppenheimer (Biology) had his letter to the editor on "Safety of Reclaimed Water" published by the Los Angeles Times in the Dec. 7 edition, page B23.


The National Center on Deafness hosted its 21st annual Interpreter Symposium on the CSUN campus Jan. 1011. This year's theme was "In the Consortium of Interpreting-Where Are You?" Gary Sanderson, the center's coordinator for the Western Region Outreach Center and Consortia, was among the presenters with his seminar titled " Stages of Interpreter Development."

Tony Arthur (English) had a book signing and recited from his work "Literary Feuds" at the Woodland Hills Barnes and Noble bookstore on Sat., Jan. 11.

Steven Oppenheimer (Biology), with a K12 teacher fellow and ten students, co-authored a poster paper titled "Using Frozen, Thawed and Fixed Cells to Identify Surface Properties of Human Cancer Cells." The abstract of the paper was published in Molecular Biology of the Cell, volume 13, page 82a, Nov. 2002. Oppenheimer's students also presented the paper and poster at the 42nd annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology in San Francisco in December.

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