December 10, 2001 Vol. VI, No. 8

New Campus Signage Headed for Nordhoff

Project Will Begin This Month to Place Six Monuments at Four Intersections

A long-awaited project to install attractive new Cal State Northridge cornerstone monument signage along the campus' Nordhoff Street frontage-part of the university's broader signage enhancement program-is due to get underway during December.

The project, financed with federal earthquake recovery funds, will install six large brick cornerstone monument structures-each prominently bearing the name "California State University, Northridge"-at four intersections on Nordhoff Street along the front of the campus.

Each monument will consist of an 11-foot-high by 7-foot-wide brick structure with the university's name displayed on both sides. Alongside each pillar will be a long, low brick wall segment spanning more than 20 feet in length that also will provide seating for nearby bus stops along Nordhoff.

The monuments will be placed along the north side of Nordhoff as follows: one at the corner of Darby Avenue, one each on the east and west corners at Etiwanda Avenue, one each on the east and west corners at Lindley Avenue, and one at the corner of Zelzah Avenue.

Campus architect Deborah Wylie said the Nordhoff-Zelzah monument in particular will be installed so as to complement the existing "CSUN" sculpture at that corner, which will remain intact. The monuments will be placed at each intersection so as to be visible to passersby heading in different directions.

The project, in addition to becoming an attractive visual enhancement to the front of the campus, is designed to remedy longstanding complaints that the university lacked sufficiently clear and distinct signage along its perimeters. The project is due to be completed during the spring 2002 semester.

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