December 10, 2001 Vol. VI, No. 8

Online Applications to the CSU Soar Using CSU Mentor

Nearly Half of All Applicants to the Cal State System This Year Expected to Apply Online

Admission applications through CSUMentor, the online system that helps students plan for and apply to the California State University, increased by 69 percent during the initial application period for fall 2002.

CSUMentor received a total of 157,960 applications between Oct. 1 and Nov. 30 this year, up from 93,672 during the same period last year.

Despite this year's torrent of applications, the CSUMentor system processed the information smoothly and without any delays, officials said. The Los Angeles-based Xap Corp., which designed CSUMentor, had increased its server capacity in anticipation of a record-setting pace of applications.

Even with 20,358 applications received on the Nov. 30 deadline and 19,485 received the day before on Nov. 29, there appeared to be no "midnight rush" of last-minute applications that might have slowed down the system.

"This was a banner year for CSUMentor, thanks to the students, their counselors, and the Xap Corporation," said Allison Jones, the CSU's assistant vice chancellor for student academic support.

"Students, with the help of their counselors, completed their college planning early and applied on time, while Xap did its part to help the CSU handle the load efficiently," said Jones. "It's clear that CSUMentor has become a valuable college preparation tool for California's students."

The CSUMentor system has experienced soaring popularity since it was first launched in 1997. This fall's increase followed a 70 percent increase in online applications during fall 2000, and a nearly 400 percent increase during fall 1999 compared to the prior year. It is estimated that nearly half of all applicants to the CSU will apply on line this year.

After the initial application period for fall 2002 enrollment, which ran from Oct. 1 to Nov. 30 this year, campuses will continue to accept applications on a space-available basis. Filing during the initial application period is required for high-demand majors and is strongly encouraged for applicants who want to attend their first-choice campus.

CSUMentor, a free service to students, also offers multimedia campus tours, student-campus matching assistance, free e-mail accounts, academic planners and assistance in completing financial aid forms. Students pay only the application fee charged by the CSU campus when they submit an application for admission.

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