November 19, 2001 Vol. VI, No. 7

Northridge Makes a Major Impact in Education

Northridge Alumnus is State Teacher of the Year

Cal State Northridge alumnus Scott Charles Malloy (right)began his teaching career long before coming to the university. But it is the special training that Malloy received here that he credits with reinvigorating his teaching and ultimately aiding his selection as California's 2001 Teacher of the Year.

Malloy earned his master's degree in mathematics from Northridge earlier this year after seven years of study while working as a public high school teacher in Orange County. Just as he was nearing completion, Malloy was chosen as California's Teacher of the Year in October 2000 and represented the state in the national competition.

"I'm happy if I can do my part to make CSUN shine, because I had excellent experiences there," said Malloy, who teaches advanced mathematics such as calculus and trigonometry at Brea Olinda High School in Brea. While there, he's managed to accomplish the near impossible-having students clamoring to get into his classes.

Malloy said part of his inspiration grew from participating since 1994 in a special Northridge program for secondary math teachers run by Linda Huetinck, a professor in the College of Education's Secondary Education Department. The program blended education and math classes for teachers with an emphasis on educational technology.

Funded by a special five-year grant from the National Science Foundation, the so-called Viz-Math program, now completed, encouraged the use of visuals in math instruction. "It really reinvigorated my teaching, and led me to later introduce both Advanced Placement Statistics and Computer Science at my school," Malloy said.

"That program was fantastic," he added. "Many of my classmates in that program have gone on to become leaders in math education, presenting at virtually any conference or workshop I attend. My interest in math really came alive in Viz-Math," said Malloy, who reached another milestone when he was married in April.

As California Teacher of the Year, Malloy said he has delivered a speech to 5,000 PTA members at their state convention, participated in the first annual state teachers forum in Sacramento this past summer and appeared on television.

Malloy's philosophy of teaching is "a great teacher should be a great learner." On the side, he teaches chess to elementary students in his district's after school program.

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