November 5, 2001 Vol. VI, No. 6

New University Logo Will Help Strengthen Campus Identity

Bold, New Red and Black Trademark to Become Standard Campus Image for Visual Communications

As part of a move to strengthen the university's local and national image, Cal State Northridge has adopted a bold, new logo starting this fall that uses school colors black and red to visually highlight the university's Northridge identity and school name.

The new logo has been approved by Northridge President Jolene Koester and the president's cabinet, following several months of previews and consultation with a wide range of campus constituency groups. Those included the Faculty Senate, Associated Students and the university's Community Advisory Board.

"Cal State Northridge is indispensable to the region we serve," said President Koester. "This new university logo should help strengthen the university's identity both here and across the country, and help us carry our message that Northridge is the cultural, educational and economic engine for our region."

The new logo from this point forward becomes the university's standard identifier in all visual communications, including print, broadcast and on the web. The new logo replaces the symbolic graphic image of the Oviatt Library's columns that the university has used as its mark in recent years.

Judy C. Knudson, Northridge's vice president of University Advancement, said the new logo, known as a word mark, represents a much bolder, clearer identification of the campus. "To help increase support for the university, we need to expand awareness of the university, its mission and its identity. We need to be crystal clear," Knudson said.

New design templates for university stationary, envelopes, business cards and mail labels-all of which incorporate the new university logo-have been prepared by the Public Relations and Communications Department. The new university logo will be the only logo allowed on those university business collateral materials.

Campus users who have remaining supplies of university printed materials with the former logo should continue to use those until they are depleted. By Thanksgiving, campus users should be able to place new office supply orders incorporating the new logo with Reprographics/QuickCopies.

Also by Thanksgiving, the Public Relations Department's web site ( should have downloadable image files of the new logo and initial style guidelines for its use. The downloadable image files will enable the new logo to be deployed in the wide range of desktop and web publishing that occurs on campus.

The new logo incorporates the full name of the institution-"California State University, Northridge." Visually, the "California State University" text is displayed in smaller black letters directly above "Northridge" in larger type using Matador red. In single color uses, all of the text typically would be shown as solid black.

Within several months, Public Relations expects to produce a formal style guide for using the new logo that will be available in print and online. For example, to increase the focus on the new logo, secondary logos belonging to campus units will only be allowed from now on with direct permission from the President's Office.

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