September 24, 2001 Vol. VI, No. 3

University Also Rated High in Serving Hispanic Students

CSUN Ranks 11th in Awarding Bachelor's Degrees and 46th in Awarding Master's Degrees to Hispanics in 1998-99

Cal State Northridge has been ranked 11th in the nation by The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education magazine for awarding baccalaureate degrees to Hispanic students. The magazine also ranked Northridge 46th in the nation for its number of master's degrees awarded to Hispanic students.

During 1998-99, the most recent data analyzed by the magazine, Cal State Northridge awarded Hispanic students 746 bachelor's degrees, 284 to men and 462 to women. In addition, CSUN awarded 91 master's degrees to Hispanics, 33 to men and 58 to women, to earn the national rankings.

In percentages, Northridge bachelor's degrees awarded to Hispanic students amounted to 18.9 percent of the 3,936 bachelor's degrees awarded by the institution that year, the magazine reported. Northridge master's degrees awarded to Hispanic students amounted to 10.9 percent of the 834 master's degrees CSUN awarded that year.

The magazine also said Northridge ranked eighth in the nation in its combined number of Hispanic faculty (130, 67 men and 63 women) and administrators (five, four men and one woman).

"It's an honor to be recognized for our efforts in serving a diverse community. Our ties to the Hispanic community not only benefit Hispanics, but everyone," said CSUN President Jolene Koester.

"The diversity of our campus is a reflection of the efforts we have made to ensure that Northridge provides a quality educational experience for everyone. We are grateful that our efforts are being recognized," the president said.

Nationally, based on the magazine's Top 100 list of institutions that awarded degrees to Hispanic students, 41,064 bachelor's degrees were awarded to Hispanics during 1998-99, up 2,600 from the prior year. The number of master's degrees awarded by Top 100 institutions to Hispanics during 1998-99 was 10,292, up 1,054 from the prior year.

The magazine compiled its rankings using data from the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics. The magazine looked at data for four-year U.S. colleges and universities, based on the numbers of total degrees awarded to Hispanic students.

CSUN also garnered the following national rankings from the magazine, tallying bachelor's degrees awarded to Hispanic students in individual academic fields:

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