May 28, 2002 Vol. VI, No. 17

Eisner Gift to Help Diverse Student Learners Through Teaching

Jolene Koester
CSUN President

"This $7 million gift from The Eisner Foundation, the university's largest ever gift, is wonderful confirmation that Cal State Northridge has one of the nation's leading colleges of education.

"We are extremely honored to be recognized in this way by the Eisners. Their investment in Cal State Northridge will benefit all of California and it will make Cal State Northridge even more indispensable to this region.

"This gift also marks what you might call the triple crown of honors for Cal State Northridge's teacher preparation program. First, the university and our College of Education already prepare more teaching credential recipients on an annual basis than any other public university in the state.

"Second, the prestigious Carnegie Corporation recently identified this university as one of the leading universities in the country in the preparation of teachers. And now, Michael and Jane Eisner have honored us with this outstanding gift to help Cal State Northridge do an even better job of preparing teachers in the future."

Dean Philip Rusche
College of Education

"We're delighted with the gift from the Eisner family. It's a significant recognition of the college and its achievements, and certainly it lays out a direction for the college's future, now and in perpetuity.

"It's a natural partnership we'll have with the Eisners. Here we have a family that is intimately involved with a variety of educational activities and a leading college of education leveraging our resources together. We will make a difference in education here, and throughout the state and even nationally.

"It's a good opportunity for the faculty. We have a very fine faculty. This will enable them to stay on the cutting edge of educational reform, and to advance educational thought in a variety of ways.

"Also, I think it will aid the community, since we'll be one of the early adopters of the work of Dr. Mel Levine, and share that with local schools, local agencies and with the clientele they serve. It should be a win-win situation for everyone."

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