April 2, 2002 Vol. VI, No. 13

Staff Service Recognition Awards Roster

The Cal State Northridge Staff Service Recognition Awards ceremony will be held Friday, May 10 to recognize staff employees' dedicated service to the University. The awards are given in five-year service increments. Please review the following list of recipients. If you believe your years of service should be recognized and your name does not appear on the list or is not correctly listed, please contact Jean Gearing, Office of Human Resources, at x3810, or Cathy Salazar, Office of Human Resources, at x2119, no later than Tuesday, April 9. For all award recipients, your name will appear as listed unless you notify Jean Gearing or Cathy Salazar prior to April 9.

5-Year Recipients

Teri A. Alvarado, University Development
Vincent M. Alvarez, Community Relations
Susan S. Arvanitis, Physical Plant Management
Keith A. Blaine, Residential Life & Univ. Conference Services
Katherine G. Bradford, Graduate Studies, Research & Intl. Programs
Camille A. Brooks, Information Technology Resources
Diana Cabral, College of Extended Learning
Constance T. Cafiero, Admissions and Records
Yvonne P. Carillo, University Corporation
Edward J. Carroll Jr., College of Science and Mathematics
Mario A. Castillo, Physical Plant Management
Henry Castro, Physical Plant Management
Rosario Chavarria, Physical Plant Management
Julie E. Clement, Department of Mathematics
Maria Cobian, Physical Plant Management
Annagrace O. Collins, Intercollegiate Athletics
Barbara Collins, Department of Sociology
Johnny Cruz, Educational Opportunity Program
Rebecca A. Davis, Learning Resource Center
Socorro Estrada, University Corporation
Robin L. Ferguson, Office of V.P. of Student Affairs
Manuel Fernandez, Department of Biology
Sylvia Freiberg, Student Health Center
Yabone Garcia, University Corporation
Jennifer F. Gausman, University Cash Services
Bonnie G. Giles, Office of the President
Cedric D. Hackett, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Cielo F. Harding, Department of Biology
Virginia W. Hein, The Career Center
Michelle Henley, Office of V.P. for Admin. & Finance
Sonya Hernandez, Associated Students
Fran Horvath, Institutional Research
Frederick D. Johnson III, Radio Station KCSN
Dolores G. Jones, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Thomas Katenay, Physical Plant Management
Kathryn L. Kilmer, Financial Aid Office
Valari K. Kirkbride, College of Extended Learning
Bob Kocher, University Corporation
Lynne P. Landeta, Student Health Center
Madeline Lieber, University Corporation
Dominic H. Little, Department of Sociology
Willy O. Martinez, Physical Plant Management
John B. Mason, Faculty Affairs
Mandie C. McConkey, Academic Services for Student Athletes
Lisa J. McCulley-Frakes, PACE
Irene K. McGee, College of Science and Mathematics
Ramon L. Mendoza, College of Science and Mathematics
Romeo Molina, Physical Plant Management
Karen Moore, Department of Biology
Karen Murdock, University Corporation
Andrew Newchurch, Physical Plant Management
Stephanie T. Nguyen, College of Humanities
Marian I. Nobleza, Foundation/State
Judith A. Nutter, Community Relations
Susan E. Parker, University Library
Rebecca M. Phillips, National Center on Deafness
Janice M. Potzmann, The Career Center
Dorothy M. Ramirez, Development Services
Linda I. Redd, Admissions and Records
Patrice A. Rensleau, Financial Reporting & Compliance
Ransom W. Rideout Jr., San Fernando Observatory
Sabrina D. Rife, Information Technology Resources
Joseph F. Rojas, Physical Plant Management
Mary E. Romero, Residential Life & Univ. Conference Services
Anja-Leigh Russell, University Controller's Office
Robyn Sable, University Corporation
Sally A. Sawchuk, Department of Computer Science
Lajuan R. Steels, Financial Aid Office
Ivan D. Strean, National Center on Deafness
Susanne A. Swift, Student Health Center
Josefina Tejeda, University Corporation
Armando Tellez, College of Engineering & Computer Science
Julie D. Todd, College of Humanities
Yan-Chuen Tung, Department of Biology
Robert G. Vandenheuvel, Information Technology Resources
Marcelo F. Vazquez, Student Outreach & Recruitment
Marjorie Wilson, Purchasing
Yvette Yoncee-Enriquez, Office of the President
Annette Yonge, University Corporation

10-Year Recipients

James Armstrong, Health & Human Development
Heather Adkins, University Corporation
Erika S. Barnathan, College of Education
Arthur L. Carnegie, University Postal Services
Eva J. Coreas, University Corporation
Susan C. Curzon, University Library
David Gonzalez, Residential Life & Univ. Conference Services
John Guarrera, University Corporation
David Brian Houck, Department of Biology
Anthony K. Ivankovic, University Corporation
Mayumi Kowta, College of Extended Learning
Caryn A. Kratzer, University Corporation
Georgia A. Love, Public Safety
James K. Merritt, Department of Chemistry
Jamie L. Milteer, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Trent Morgan, Associated Students
Jamie G. Rigney, Student Dev. & International Programs
Enrique Rodriguez, University Corporation
Franklin A. Rudas, Information Technology Resources
Cliff D. Schneider, Department of Theatre
Cyndi Signett, Associated Students
Frances A. Smith, Department of Special Education
Olivia Solis, Residential Life & Univ. Conference Services
Joann Spruill, University Corporation
James Thomas, Physical Plant Management
Frank R. Vargas, Department of Elementary Education
Jacqueline E. Ward, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Susan Widelitz, Government Relations

15-Year Recipients

Dana V. Archer, Public Safety
Michelle R. Barker, University Cash Services
Gianna J. Berella, Admissions and Records
Donna J. Bradbury, Accounting & Mgt. Info. Systems
Laura A. Clary, University Library
Alicia T. Cudiamat, Admissions and Records
Kathleen K. Downes, Admissions and Records
Alfred F. Dunlap, Physical Plant Management
Stanley Edick, Student Health Center
Jacqueline B. Forsythe, A.S. Accounting
Reaven J. Gately, Admissions and Records
Linda Gharakhanian, Department of Physics & Astronomy
Allan C. Gilbert, University Library
Keith S. Goldstein, Radio Station KCSN
Ruth Harris, University Corporation
Carolyn A. Holmes, Human Resource Services
Marilyn Johnson, College of Business & Economics
Thomas E. Maki, Financial Aid Office
Rosalie Martinez, Admissions and Records
Sally S. Mendelsohn, University Library
JoAnn Nesti, Graduate Studies, Research & Intl. Programs
Cornelio V. Pampliega, Physical Plant Management
Stephen Reeves, Residential Life & Univ. Conference Services
Jane Santoro, Student Health Center
Joanne M. Sherman, Admissions and Records
Mark E. Siegmund, College of Engineering & Computer Science
Jo Rene Sors, Admissions and Records
Elizabeth A. Sprowls, Admissions and Records
Phyllis M. Wade, Intercollegiate Athletics
Dianne J. Ward, Admissions and Records
Beatrice P. Watts, Admissions and Records

20-Year Recipients

Douglas M. Anthony, Residential Life & Univ. Conference Services
Spero P. Bowman, Academic Resources
Tom Brown, Physical Plant Management
Suzan L. Brownlee, Admissions and Records
Anne Clancy, University Corporation
Saul DeLeon, University Postal Services
Donald B. Foster, Information Technology Resources
Howard A. Garcia, Intercollegiate Athletics
Fred Garcia, Parking/Public Safety
Isabel Garetson, Educational Psychology & Counseling
Carles L. Holt, Public Safety
Sandra J. Horwitz, Faculty Senate Office
Madeleine Lieber, Education/Ed Psych
Karen Lindquist, Student Health Center
Michelle E. Manchester, University Corporation
Ramon Muniz, Educational Opportunity Program
Janet K. Rienbolt, Admissions and Records
Rosalie Rosas, Department of Special Education
Valdis Volkovskis, Department of Psychology
Elizabeth A. Whirledge, Department of Journalism
Tony White, Physical Plant Management
Kelly J. Winkleblack, Department of History

25-Year Recipients

Bobby G. Douglas, Physical Plant Management
Arthur P. Ivory, Physical Plant Management
Ester R. Sneed, Physical Plant Management
Lonnie R. Shrum, Physical Plant Management
Lori D. Gottlieb, Admissions and Records
Sharon A. MacKenzie, Admissions and Records
Edward V. Koprowski, Department of Biology
Connie M. Bacelis-Carbajal, College of Health & Human Development
Ruth A. Harris, Communication Disorders & Sciences
Chester B. Przelomiec, Department of Art
Vicki L. Morton, Department of Journalism
Dennis S. Dillon, Department of Theatre
Sharon L. Eichten, Information Technology Resources
Steven D. Loving, Center on Disabilities
Leona D. Duggar, Student Devel. & International Programs
Magdalena G. Buslon, Student Health Center
Rosa Espinoza-Jauregui, Student Outreach & Recruitment

30-Year Recipients

Arma J. Davis, Physical Plant Management
Howard M. Green, Physical Plant Management
Carl K. Dole, Physical Plant Management
Charles R. Thomas, Public Safety
Fred C. Joseph, Receiving/Campus Store
Margaret J. Brown, College of Health & Human Development
James M. Taylor, Information Technology Resources
Diana E. Voigt, Information Technology Resources
Annie C. Roy, Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures

35-Year Recipients

Lorraine L. Newlon, Admissions and Records
Sally B. Brenneman, Library

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