April 2, 2002 Vol. VI, No. 13

Campus Construction Projects Update

Project NameEst. StartEst. FinishDescription
Long-Term Campus Projects 2002-2004 (Mostly non-FEMA funded)
1 Brown Center pools at Kinesiology Bldg.Dec. 2001Dec. 2002 Construct pools building for Center of Achievement, northwest corner of Kinesiology.
2 Telecomm Infrastructure ProjectJan. 2002Jan. 2004Upgrade telecomm distribution from Main. Dist. Facility. Throughout Campus. Provide new distribution inside all major campus buildings. Staging west of Nordhoff Hall.
3 Parking Structure #1 (Lot B5)June 2002June 2003Construct new 4-story parking structure for 1,000-space net gain.
4 Sierra Center (Univ. Corp. Project)May 2002Aug. 2003Construct 3-story building at west end of Richfield Hall. 1st level: food court; 2nd level: terrace dining; 3rd level: Univ. Corp. offices.
5 USU Renovation (USU Project)Sept. 2002Dec. 2003Renovate USU to create a "Main Street", including new theater lobby, renovated Pub, new food/retail spaces.
Campus Roads & Fields Restoration
Fall 2001/Winter 2002
7 Lots M & O (B5 & B6)Dec. 2001CompletedM-Slurry for temp. parking Lot O: remove old Children's Center house, pave lot to add ~80 spaces.
8 Music LawnDec. 2001April 2002Restore trailer area, install lawn, perimeter trees and walkway lighting.
9 Lot K (Lot D6)March 2002June 2002Remove Halsted House trailers, re-grade site, install new parking lot, add ~400 spaces, add concrete sidewalk at south end of Lot.
10 Campus Roads B & CDec. 2002CompletedGrind & re-pave Roads B & C, minor curb/sidewalk repair.
11 Demobilize A&R, Study & Library DomesFeb. 2002CompletedDemobilize 3 remaining domes.
Winter/Spring 2002
12 Science CourtJan. 2002CompletedRestore trailer area, install lawn, perimeter trees and walkway lighting.
13 Parking Lot D (D1)Aug. 2002Jan. 2003Repair parking lot paving, re-stripe to maximize spaces.
14 Etiwanda North (bt. Vincennes & Plummer)March 2002July 2002Widen Etiwanda, build new eastern sidewalk, build complete western curb & sidewalk, install median with palms, repave entire road.
15 Lindley Avenue (bt. Nordhoff & Plummer)May 2002Oct. 2002Install median with palms, improve sidewalks as needed on both sides, repave entire road.
16 Soccer FieldApril 2002June 2002Construct regulation NCAA Soccer field.
17 Matador SquareApril 2002July 2002Restore area east of Science 4 to Matador Square, per Master Plan. Project includes shaded plaza, lawns areas, perimeter trees, improved lighting.
Spring/Summer 2002
18 Plummer Street (bt. Lindley & Etiwanda)May 2002 Oct. 2002 Repave Plummer Street, maintaining existing width (no median will be added).
19 Leisure Studies FieldJuly 2002Sept. 2002Relocate Leisure Studies "ropes course" to northwest quadrant of West field.
Summer 2002
20 Darby Street (bt. Vincennes & Plummer)Aug. 2002Nov. 2002Construct new block of Darby to connect bt. Vincennes & Plummer. Will require demolition of some houses, users to be relocated.
21 Prairie Street (bt. Darby & Etiwanda)Aug. 2002Sept. 2002Remove and repave entire block of Prairie Street.
22 Etiwanda South (bt. Nordhoff & Prairie)Aug. 2002Jan. 2003Widen and repave street, improving west sidewalk, possibly install center median with trees.
23 Parking Lot J (E5)July 2002Oct. 2002Repave parking lot, re-stripe to maximize spaces.
24 Interior WalkwaysJune 2002Sept. 2002Replace discrete broken walkways, especially along Orange Grove Walk and Jacaranda Walk.
25 East FieldJune 2002Sep. 2002Restore field to improve playing surface.

Campus Road Changes

Upcoming campus road construction projects will require the closure of more than half of each roadway section during its construction period. To facilitate these projects, vehicle traffic along University Drive (the campus loop road) will be changed to one-way, moving counter-clockwise-north on Lindley Avenue, west on Plummer Street and south on Etiwanda Avenue.

To minimize disruptions, this system will begin toward the end of the spring 2002 semester and continue through late 2002 for the entire campus loop road. Access will be provided to parking and service areas during construction. Pedestrian access will be maintained.

Construction project information, as it changes, will be updated on the Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Office's website at www-admn.csun.edu/facplan/.

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