April 2, 2002 Vol. VI, No. 13

Channel Islands Center Hits Record Enrollment for Spring

Officials Envision Gradual Transition Between Northridge Programs and New Channel Islands Campus

Enrollment at Cal State Northridge's off-campus center at Channel Islands also reached an all-time high of 1,902 students for the spring 2002 semester. The center's previous peak enrollment was 1,857 students during the fall 2001 semester.

The 1,902-headcount enrollment this spring translates into the center having a full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment of 1,033.

"This also is the first time the center has surpassed 1,000 FTE," said Stephen Lefevre, director of Northridge's off-campus center. "On an annual basis for 2001-02, we enrolled 1,015 FTE, above our target of 1,000."

Many faculty members accepted extra students into their courses to meet demand for the Channel Islands center's programs. "I was impressed with the faculty's commitment to see that students could get into the courses they needed," Lefevre said.

Center officials attributed the record enrollment this spring to several factors. With the economy cooling, some students decided to return to school rather than try to look for jobs. The publicity about the opening of the new Cal State Channel Islands (CSUCI) campus in fall 2002 also encouraged some students to begin their programs.

A gradual transition of academic programs is planned from the Northridge center at Channel Islands to the new CSUCI campus. For example, spring 2002 was the last semester the Northridge center accepted entering transfer students for several degree programs.

Those programs included business administration, liberal studies and the post baccalaureate elementary school teacher credential. For fall 2002, the new Cal State Channel Islands campus will admit students into those programs as part of its initial offerings. The programs were designed by CSUCI faculty hired last summer.

However, even once the Northridge center stops admitting new students into a program, Lefevre noted the center will continue to provide the courses on-site that enrolled students need to complete those programs. "We have a strong commitment to serve the students we admit. We want them to be able to receive their Northridge degrees," Lefevre said.

For other majors offered by the Northridge center, entering students will continue to be accepted during 2002-03. Those majors include history, English, child development, psychology and sociology. The Northridge center at Channel Islands is currently accepting fall 2002 applications for those programs.

"The transition plan between Northridge's off-campus center at Channel Islands and the new Cal State Channel Islands campus assures that degree programs will continue to be available for Ventura County students during the start-up of CSUCI," said Linda MacMichael, CSUCI's director of admissions and records.

In addition to undergraduate programs in business and liberal studies, the new CSUCI campus will open in fall 2002 to community college transfer students majoring in computer science, mathematics, English, environmental science and resource management and art. The new campus also will offer the elementary school teaching credential as a fifth year program. Applications are being accepted for those majors now.

Then for fall 2003, CSUCI will accept its first freshman class.

Students can obtain information about Cal State Northridge center programs or those of the new CSUCI campus by contacting a joint Channel Islands admissions office at (805) 437-8500.

The current CSUN at Channel Islands program has operated continuously in Ventura County since 1974. The Northridge center in Ventura County moved from its site off Seaward Avenue in Ventura to the CSUCI campus in 1999. Student enrollment at the center will become the foundation for the new CSUCI university when it opens this fall.

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