February 11, 2002 Vol. VI, No. 10

Northridge Achieves One of Top CSU Fundraising Gains

$12.4 Million in Contributions During 2000-2001 Sets Campus Record

Cal State Northridge achieved one of the largest fundraising gains in the 23-campus Cal State system during the most recent year, posting a 58.8 percent increase to a campus-record $12.4 million in private contributions, according to a new report to the CSU Board of Trustees.

The university's 58.8 percent increase-from $7.8 million in contributions during 1999-2000 to $12.4 million during 2000-2001-was the second largest percentage gain among established CSU campuses after only Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. (That also excludes the recently established campuses at Channel Islands and the Maritime Academy).

Under the leadership of President Jolene Koester and Vice President for University Advancement Judy Knudson, Northridge also exactly met its annual 10 percent fundraising goal for the first time. CSU campuses are expected by the Board of Trustees to generate private support equal to at least 10 percent of their net general fund budget each year.

Corporations accounted for the largest share of donation giving to Northridge at $7.6 million during 2000-2001. Individuals followed with nearly $2 million, while foundations contributed nearly $1.7 million. Alumni gave $425,465, while parents of students added $48,105. Other organizations gave $567,203.

In a separate category, Northridge also reported $18.7 million in special revenue for the year, including $10.6 million in grants, $5.5 million in contracts and $1.7 million in endowment distributions. Combining contributions with special revenue, the university generated more than $31 million in total external support for the year.

In another indicator, the trustees report said the value of Northridge's campus endowment has more than doubled during the prior five years, from $15.9 million in 1995-1996 to $38.8 million in 2000-2001. That ranked as the fourth largest campus endowment in the CSU system for the year.

More broadly, the CSU system's external support rose to a record $916.4 million during 2000-2001. That amount included $248.2 million in donations, plus $668.2 million in special revenues.

"Last year's external support increased 4 percent from the previous year and set an all-time record for private support of the CSU," said Louis Caldera, CSU vice chancellor for university advancement. "This support is critical to maintaining excellence in a higher education program that produces annually more than half of California's baccalaureate graduates."

Fundraising has been an institutional priority at all Cal State campuses since 1993 when the university system decided to pursue private donations to supplement state support and other public sources of funding.

External support now represents nearly 17 percent of the CSU's $5.4 billion annual budget. The CSU spends an average of 17 cents on fundraising per dollar raised. That is close to the national average of 16 cents for other institutions of higher education. But Northridge spends less, about 15 cents on fundraising per dollar raised. .

CSU Campus Top Fundraising Results
Campus 1999-20002000-2001Change
Channel Islands $726,857$2,437,693+235%
Maritime Academy$1,622,551$5,368,406+231%
San Luis Obispo$24,614,921$43,162,232+75.3%
Long Beach$22,152,957$26,627,400+20.2%
San Diego$39,634,776$42,097,267+6.2%
Los Angeles$9,555,246$9,952,705+4.2%
Monterey Bay$3,786,796$3,693,743-2.5%

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