February 11, 2002 Vol. VI, No. 10

CSU and CFA to Begin Fact-Finding Hearing on February 13

CFA Seeking Larger Increases Than CSU's Two Percent Salary Offer

The California State University system and the California Faculty Association will participate in a three-day fact-finding hearing February 13-15 in an attempt to solve their labor dispute under the impasse procedures of the California Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act.

A fact-finding panel of three members will attempt to agree on a report that proposes recommended solutions to the issues that have been in dispute in bargaining negotiations for a new labor contract between the CSU and the CFA.

"We hope to reach an agreement soon, so we can begin paying a well-deserved salary increase to our faculty," said Sam Strafaci, assistant vice chancellor for human resources and chief negotiator for the CSU.

"The only way to provide the faculty with pay raises is for the CFA to reach an agreement with the CSU. The university system does not intend to unilaterally implement salary increases for faculty for fiscal year 2001-02," Strafaci said.

If the CFA accepts the pay increase, the cumulative CSU full-time salary increase pool during the past four years would be 21 percent. The CSU's proposed 2 percent increase this year would raise the average CSU full-time faculty salary to more than $72,000, and raise the average for full professors to $81,500.

The CSU and the CFA have been bargaining on a new contract since March 2001. Negotiations reached an impasse in July. The main unresolved issue in the negotiations is the CFA's resistance to the 2 percent pay increase provided by Gov. Gray Davis and the state Legislature in the 2001-02 state budget.

In an effort to expedite the payment of salary increases for faculty, the CSU has proposed that the parties resolve the economic bargaining for this fiscal year by agreeing to the 2 percent general salary increase retroactive to July 1, 2001, while bargaining continues for a future contract. The CFA rejected this offer.

The union instead presented a counteroffer on November 19 requesting that, in addition to the 2 percent general salary increase, the CSU also provide service salary increases, department chair salary increases, counselor salary increases, and additional health benefits for some lecturers.

The estimated cost of this proposal is $13.2 million beyond the general salary increase contained in the state budget. The union said its proposal would expire at the beginning of the fact-finding process. As fact-finding begins, the CFA's last pre-mediation proposal is in effect, and it exceeds the 2 percent increase by $47 million. Fact-finding is the last phase in the bargaining process and is designed to facilitate negotiations between the two parties. The panel chair will write a report with non-binding recommendations. Either party has the option to write a dissenting opinion to be included in the report. For updates about contract negations with the CFA and other unions please go to www.CalState.edu and click on Faculty & Staff, Updates, Bargaining Updates.

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