December 11, 2000 Vol. V, No. 8



Evelyn McClave (English) published the chapter titled "When You Means I: Gestures and Shifting Participation Frameworks" in the book "Language in Action: New Studies of Language in Society" (Hampton Press) edited by Joy Peyton, Peg Griffin, Walt Wolfram and Ralph Fasold. She also published an article titled "Linguistic Functions of Head Movements in the Context of Speech" in the Journal of Pragmatics, 32, 855-878.

John Clendenning (English) has published an article titled "Prat Falls: A Revisionist Reading of 'The Clan of No-Name' " in Stephen Crane Studies 9.1 (2000).

Richard Squires (Geological Sciences) published an article titled "The Buccinid Gastropod Eussentia from Upper Cretaceous Strata of California" published in The Veliger, vol. 43, no. 2, pp. 118-125. He also published an article titled "New Information on a Poorly Known Late Paleone Turrid Gastropod from Southern California and Vicinity" in the same journal on pp. 312-315.

Carmelo Gariano (Modern & Classical Languages and Literatures) published seven short novels titled "Confesiones del Fauno" (Spanish Press).

Allen Martin (Family Environmental Sciences) published an article titled "Family and Consumer Sciences: A Viable Career for the New Millennium" in the Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences in the May/June 2000 edition.

Steven Loy (Kinesiology) co-authored an article titled "Effects of a Group Exercise Program on Strength, Mobility and Falls Among Fall-Prone Elderly Men," published in Journal of Gerontology, 55A, (6), M317-321, 2000.

Steven Oppenheimer (Biology) had his letter on "Math and Science Education: Training the Teachers," published in Science, vol. 290, p. 273.

Scott Berman (Journalism) published articles titled "Don't Dismiss PR Potential at Expos: They May Seem Old-Fashioned, but There's Plenty to Gain," in PR Week, Aug. 21, 2000 and "Bridging the Gap Between Sweden and Denmark," in PR Week, London, Oct. 6, 2000.

William Whiting (Kinesiology) co-authored a book chapter titled "Mechanisms of Musculoskeletal Injury" in the "Olympic Enclyopaedia of Sports Medicine & Science: Biomechanics in Sport," a volume commissioned by the International Olympic Committee Medical Commission.

Vicky Pedone (Geological Sciences) published a paper titled "Replacement of Aragonite by Quasi-rhomohedral Dolomite in a Late Pleistocene Tufa Mound, Great Salt Lake, Utah" in the International Journal of Sedimentary Research, vol. 70, pp. 1152-59.

Cynthia Desrochers (Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching) and Michael Desrochers (History) published an article titled "Creating Lessons Designed to Motivate Students" in Contemporary Education, LXXI, No. 2, fall 2000, pp. 51-55.

Rick Mitchell (English) reviewed Harold B. Segal's "Pinocchio's Progeny: Puppets, Marionettes, Automatons, and Robots in Modernist and Avant-Garde Drama"published in TDR: A Journal of Performance Studies 44.2 (Summer 2000). His play, "Cruising the Caribbean: Old Pleasures in the New World (Part I), was produced at the Faultline Theatre in San Diego.

Sandra Jewett (Chemistry) and Helen Olmsted, Jaime Marach, Fabricio Rojas, Keri Silva (undergraduate students) published a paper titled "Anion Protection of CuZnSOD During Peroxidative Activity with H202 (Peroxidase Activity of CuZn SOD: A Misnomer) in the Journal of Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 274: pp. 57-60.


Nagi El Naga (Electrical & Computer Engineering) presented a published paper "Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Memory Hierarchy Designs for Multiprocessors Using Simulation" at the International Conference on Simulation and Multimedia in Engineering Education (ICSEE 2000), Jan. 23-27, in San Diego. He also presented "El Naga's Transitions Technique and its Advantages Compared to the Conventional Method of Designing Sequential Circuits" at 2000 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, June 18-21 in St. Louis, Missouri. The paper also has been published in the proceedings of this conference.

Jerry Shaw (Psychology) and Edward Binder (graduate student) gave a presentation titled "Effects of Eyewitness Testimony and Physical Evidence on Mock Jury Verdicts" at the XXVII International Congress of Psychology in Stockholm, Sweden in July 2000.

Ben Yaspelkis (Kinesiology) presented a paper titled, "Skeletal Muscle Insulin Resistance is Improved by Leptin Administration" at the American Diabetes Association annual meeting and scientific sessions, June 9-13 in San Antonio, Texas.

Nancy Owens (Family Environmental Sciences) co-authored a paper with Jeanette Woll (graduate student) titled, "IMMEX as an Instructional and Assessment Tool for High School Clothing and Teen Living Classes" and presented it at the annual conference of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Cynthia Desrochers (Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching) presented "Active Learning and the Brain" for Waterford Schools, Connecticut, in May 2000. She also presented a workshop on "Teaching-Learning Strategies to Enhance Standards-Based Teaching" at Kent Intermediate School District, Grand Rapids, Michigan in June. She presented "Implementing Small Group Learning" for teachers in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, in July. She also presented "Designing Differentiated Instruction" for teachers in Montville, Connecticut, in August.

Sembiam Rengarajan (Electrical & Computer Engineering) presented a research paper titled, "Investigation on Broadwall Slots in Rectangular Waveguide for Longitudinal Polarization" at the International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation held at Fukuoka, Japan in August. He also served as a member on the technical program committee of the symposium and organized special sessions on phased arrays and array antennas. He also chaired a technical session on array antennas.

Anders Jensen (graduate student), as a finalist in the student paper competition, presented "Analysis of a T-slot in a Rectangular Waveguide" and Rengarajan presented "On Matching of Equivalent Field Regions: the Aperture Problem Revisited" at the IEEE International Antennas and Propagation Symposium/URSI Radio Science meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah in July.

He also served as the chair of the technical program committee and vice chair of the steering committee of the IEEE International Conference on Phased Array Systems and Technology, in Dana Point in May. "System Concept for the Next Generation Spaceborne Precipitation Radars" was presented at the IEEE International Symposium on Aerospace and Electronic Systems at Big Sky, Montana in March. "Genetic Algorithm Optimization of a Traveling Wave Array of Longitudinal Slots in a Rectangular Waveguide," was presented at the National Radio Science Meeting in Boulder, Colorado in January. He also chaired a session an antennas in that symposium.

Veda Ward (Leisure Studies & Recreation) presented a paper titled, "Missing Link: Chatsworth Reservoir Connects Valley Parks and Communities," at the 15th National Trails Symposium, Sept. 21-24 in Redding.

Alexis Krasilovsky (Radio-TV-Film) was featured in the Los Angeles Public Library's "L. A. Writes" series at the Venice-Abbot Kinney Memorial Branch Library on Oct. 14. She read poetry and excerpts from her novel and screened the poetry videos, "What Memphis Needs," "The Earthquake Haggadah," and "Camp Terezin." She also was a featured poet at the Echo Park Arts Festival at Fototeka Gallery in Los Angeles on Oct. 15. She also moderated a panel titled, "Light and Vision: An Evening with Veteran Hollywood Cinematographers" at Eastman Kodak on Nov. 16.

Elaine Blyler (Family Environmental Sciences) participated in a people to ambassador delegation to New Zealand and Australia in July. The delegation consisted of representatives with backgrounds and expertise in the field of family and consumer sciences.

Steven Oppenheimer (Biology) gave a presentation titled "The Viability of Augmenting Drinking Water with Reclaimed Water, The Problems with 'Toilet to Tap' " at the Los Angeles City Council Environmental Quality Committee meeting in Los Angeles on Nov. 16. He was invited to provide expert testimony on the safety of the new Department of Water and Power project that will reclaim wastewater and recycle it into drinking water.

Debra Hammond, Hakim Chambers, Carol Desgroppes-Brown, Kevin Lizarraga, Raymond Juarez, Lawrence Mrozek and Lance Dougherty (University Student Union) presented five educational sessions ranging from how to program a concert to tips on the interviewing process at the Nov. 9-11 Association of College Unions International (ACUI) Region 15 conference in Reno, Nevada.


The Public Relations Department received western district awards from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) in several categories on Nov. 30. An award of excellence was given to Randal Thomson and John Chandler for the CSUN faculty-staff newspaper @CSUN in the category of internal audience periodicals (tabloids). An award of distinction for excellence in news writing also was given to Chandler. Also, Mayerene Barker and the Public Relations staff received an award of distinction for Northridge magazine in the magazines category.

Gloria Lothrop (History) was selected by the Historical Society of Southern California to receive the Carl I. Wheat Award for the best article by a senior scholar titled, "Unwelcome in Freedom's Land: The Impact of World War II on Italian Aliens in Southern California," which appeared in the Winter 1999 issue of the Southern California Quarterly.

Astrid Logan (Commuter Transportation Program) received an outstanding leadership award at the annual International Conference of the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT). She was also recognized for her outstanding service as a Region 1 director.

Henry Abrash (Chemistry) was the 2000 recipient of the Agnes Ann Green Distinguished Service Award, given in recognition of service to the Southern California Section of the American Chemical Society.

The College of Extended Learning was awarded second place in a national summer session catalog competition held by the Western Association of Summer Session Administrators for catalog design and layout.

The university's Commuter Transportation Program won the prestigious "Creative Excellence Award" for its "Y2Kommute Campaign" at the West Coast 2000 Regional Conference of the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT), June 4-6, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

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