October 9, 2000 Vol. V, No. 4

Matadors to Play 2001 Season in North Campus Stadium

One-Year Extension Means an Extra Season at Home for Football and Soccer

Cal State Northridge will continue to play its home football and soccer contests in the university's North Campus Stadium during the 2001 season prior to the planned demolition of the three-decade-old complex, Athletic Director Dick Dull announced.

The decision means the sports will have one extra year in the long-standing campus facility before moving to a new venue. CSUN officials continue to plan for the use of the stadium at nearby Pierce College in Woodland Hills once CSUN's North Campus Stadium is demolished.

"As we looked more into the transition, two things became clear," Dull said. "First, there are many details about the future move that need time to be settled. Second, CSUN in fact has the ability to delay our stadium's demolition for a year without impairing other university plans."

The university's 6,500-seat North Campus Stadium-which first hosted Matador football in 1971-will still give way to a planned nine-acre expansion of the $70 million MiniMed biotech complex on CSUN's North Campus.

But CSUN's lease agreement for the MiniMed project gives the university through June 2002-well after the end of the 2001 football and soccer seasons-to complete the demolition. Thus, Dull recommended the one-year extension and CSUN President Jolene Koester accepted that plan.

"I am most happy for our players that we can stay one more year at the North Campus Stadium because that has been our home," said Matadors football coach Jeff Kearin. "I'm also happy for our fans, because they will be able to see some very good football on our home campus for another year."

CSUN athletics officials still have to settle some details regarding the future use of Pierce College's stadium, such as relocating CSUN's stadium scoreboard, the handling of different types of goal posts used in university as opposed to community college games, and other potential facilities modifications at Pierce.

CSUN is planning to share Pierce College's stadium in the coming years while reviewing the university's own campus athletic facilities needs. CSUN will have more flexibility in the sizing and other details of any future campus stadium because of athletics' affiliation with the Big West Conference beginning in mid-2001.

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