October 9, 2000 Vol. V, No. 4

CSUN typically has one of the largest groups participating in the annual L.A. AIDS Walk.

More Than 1,000 Expected to Join CSUN's AIDS Walk Team

Annual Fall Event Highlights University's Contribution to the Community

For Dijlah Benjamin, a recent Cal State Northridge graduate and current employee, taking part in this year's AIDS Walk is personal. Though she does not know anyone with acquired immune deficiency syndrome or who is HIV-positive, the purpose behind the walk still hits home.

"I've tried to put myself in the position of the millions of people who do have this disease," she said. "They need support. We are all human, we are all brothers and sisters."

Benjamin will be joining more than 1,000 CSUN students, faculty, staff and alumni on Sunday, October 15, in the annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles. Each year more than 26,000 people walk to raise awareness of AIDS and HIV and to raise funds for client services to help those with the disease.

"I am really looking forward to seeing this year's effort. It's always an enormously gratifying experience for me to participate in this," said Amy Reichbach, a health educator at CSUN who is the university's team leader for the walk.

"Students enjoy seeing university faculty and staff participating. It shows by example that we are committed to helping our community," said Reichbach. "The competition among student clubs and organizations doesn't hurt either in contributing to our participation as a campus," she added.

Fred Strache, CSUN interim vice president for student affairs, said the AIDS Walk has become a CSUN fall tradition. "It's the way we start the university's year, with people from across the campus community all participating in a very worthwhile cause. And it gives a chance for all of us to be more aware of what is still a major, major threat - AIDS," Strache said.

Meanwhile, Benjamin's contribution to CSUN's AIDS Walk team is not limited to just walking on October 15. Benjamin, a business administration graduate from last June who now works for Pulse, a university copying center, designed the team's T-shirt (right). She also designed last year's CSUN T-shirt.

"I had one design all set," Benjamin said of this year's shirt, "but then I woke up one morning and knew I had to change it. The new design has two people, symbolizing how people working together on a project can accomplish so much more. That's what the AIDS Walk is all about-making people realize that it's not just one person's concern, but everyone's concern."

Registration is still available for this year's AIDS Walk. To join Team CSUN, call x3683 or sign up online at www.csun.edu/~shcenter /aidswalk00.html.

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