August 28, 2000 Vol. V, No. 1

Miss Deaf America Lauren Teruel (center) at the July competition.



Maureen Rubin (Community Service-Learning) had an article titled "Importance of Public Relations Planning to Service-Learning Success" published in Academic Exchange Quarterly, vol. 4, issue 1, spring 2000, pp. 16-26.

Peter Weigand, Karen Savage and Eugene Fritsche (Geology) edited a field trip guidebook titled "The Incredible Cenozoic Geologic History of Southern California" for a field conference of the Far Western Section of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers in April.

Martha Highfield (Health Sciences) had an article titled "Providing Spiritual Care to Patients With Cancer" published in the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 4 (3), 115-120. She also published an article titled "Facilitating Student Publication" in Nurse Author & Editor, 10 (3), 4, 7-8.

Scott Plunkett (Family Environmental Sciences) published a paper titled "Adolescent Life Events, Stress, and Coping: A Comparison of Communities and Genders" in Professional School Counseling in the summer 2000. Kim Radmacher (graduate student in Psychology) and Donna Moll (undergraduate student in Child Development) were co-authors.

Adele Scheele (Career Center) published a book titled "Jumpstart Your Career in College" (Kaplan/Simon & Schuster). Interviews about her work have appeared in Boardroom Report's Bottom Line.

Jerry Shaw (Psychology) published a paper titled "Centrality Preferences in Choices Among Similar Options" with former students Jon Bergen, Chad Brown and Maureen Gallagher in the Journal of General Psychology, 127, 157-164.


Ludim Seja De Manzano and Fidel Ramirez (Student Outreach & Recruitment) presented "Effective CAPI and PAD Program Models" to the first statewide Collaborative Academic Program Initiatives Symposium at Cal State Long Beach in May.

Britt Ortiz and Ludim Seja De Manzano (Student Outreach & Recruitment) presented "On Site Admissions Models" at the Western Association for College Admission Counseling 2000 Perspectives Conference at Chapman University.

Roberta Madison (University Assessment), Marilyn Filbeck (Family Environmental Sciences), and Norm Fullner (Art) presented a paper titled "A University Learning Community: A Model for Departmental Outcomes Assessment" at the University of Hawaii at Hilo on June 6.

Victor Shaw (Sociology) organized and chaired a session on "Teaching College Students Reading, Presentation, and Writing Skills" at the annual meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association in San Diego in March. At the session, he presented his paper titled "Are There Minimum Standards in Reading, Presentation, and Writing Skills for College Students?"

Steven Oppenheimer (Biology) presented his paper titled "Research Experiences for K-12 Teachers and Classroom Implementation" and two poster papers, co-authored with 11 of his students, titled "Derivatized Bead Binding to Live Cells and Cells Fixed with Two Fixatives," and "Dissociation of pH and Charge Effects on Sea Urchin Fertilization" to the 59th annual national meeting of the Society for Developmental Biology in June in Boulder, Colorado.

Scott Plunkett (Family Environmental Sciences) co-presented a paper titled "Responsible Choices for Sexuality: A Socio-Educational Human Sexuality Training Program for Persons With Developmental Disabilities" to the annual international conference of YAI-National Institute for People with Disabilities in New York City in May. He also co-presented a paper titled "The Relationships Among the Parenting Attitudes of Mothers, Fathers, and Adolescents as Mediated by the Adolescents' Perceptions of Their Parenting Behaviors" at the annual meeting of the Oklahoma Council on Family Relations in March in Oklahoma City.

Carol Kelly and Kathy Van Antwerp (Child Development) presented a workshop "Listen to Our Life Stories" to the international congress TOGETHER 2000 at the International Federation of Educative Communities in Masterick, Netherlands in May. Carol Kelly also presented "International Collaboration: Creating Opportunities" at the North American International Conference for Child and Youth Care Conference in Cleveland, Ohio.

Veda Ward and Jack Foley (Leisure Studies & Recreation) presented a paper "Ten Years of Urban Recreation: Developing Human and Community Potential" at the sixth World Leisure Congress in Bilbao, Spain, July 3-7.

Victoria Feinberg and Allen Martin (Family Environmental Sciences) presented a paper "Strategies for Limiting Crime and Increasing Safety by Design" to the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) in Chicago in June.

Louis Rubino (Health Sciences) was invited by the Guangzhou Health Bureau in China to lecture to more than 300 hospital administrators and physicians on an overview of the United States' health care system, July 13. He also presented a paper titled "Community Service Learning as a Practitioner-Educator Partnership" and a poster titled "Advancing Partnerships through Symposia" to the annual meeting of the Association of University Programs in Health Administration in Los Angeles, June 24.

Ellen McFadden (Health Sciences) was invited by the Guangzhou Health Bureau in China to lecture to more than 300 nursing professionals on the influences of health care reform as it relates to nursing clinical practice, July 13.

Adele Scheele (Career Center) presented "Passionate Pursuits: Turning Your Calling into a Career" at The World Future Society's International Conference in Houston.


Lewis Yablonsky (Sociology) was honored with the William Foote Whyte Distinguished Career Award by the American Sociological Association. This award honors individuals who have made notable contributions to sociological practice.

Britt Ortiz and Ludim Seja De Manzano (Student Outreach & Recruitment) were honored with the Western Association for College Admission Counseling Innovator Award for the University's On Site Admissions Models pioneered by Student Outreach and Recruitment Services.

Steven Oppenheimer (Biology) was selected to serve on the national Education Committee of the Society for Developmental Biology, a position given by the society to scientists who have authored textbooks in developmental biology. He also was selected to serve on a National Science Foundation grant review panel for the Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement Program in July.

Scott Giannini, James Bobo, Ray Carroll, Jerry Lebeck, Norm Raymundo and Vicky Stone (CSUN student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers) placed 19th in the National Steel Bridge Competition at Texas A & M University in May. A total of 43 teams competed in the finals.

August 28, 2000

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